Blooper Sound files

action.wav (165K) Blooper
Director, "Quiet please... background... action!"
Londo, "The... was that kind of high, that action? Action! I'm sorry! Whew! Hang on. Who's... who's the one acting here? OK, here we go, ready?"
actor.wav (58K) Blooper
ISN Reporter, "We now go live to Actor. Actor? I am not an actor."
airforce.wav (65K) Blooper
Garibaldi, "Mr. President, I thought you should know. You and I flew F-16's last Friday at Edwards Airforce Base and pulled 9G's."
airplane.wav (53K) Blooper
Sheridan, "If he's going to risk... ah, I hear an airplane."
Ivanova, "Ah, lucky bastard!"
aldira.wav (316K) Blooper
Vir, "Ambassador? Londo?"
Londo, "Yes, Vir, what is it?"
Vir, "Let me start again. Ambassador?"
Director, "Cut!"
Vir, "What?! Londo?"
Londo, "Yes, Vir, what is it?"
Vir, "You asked me to remind you about Aldira's suite. (laughs)"
Londo, "Yes?"
Vir, "Her name's not Aldira, right?"
Director, "There's no L. Adira."
Vir, "Adira. Let me do it again. Londo?"
Director, "Cut!"
Vir, "What?!"
b51.wav (167K) Blooper
From Voices of Authority
Draal, "On my first day here, I was annoyed to find a bug crawling on my nose. I almost blew out Babylon 51. (laughs)"
Ivanova, "Oh we are going to go on! The series is going to continue."
baconegg.wav (108K) Blooper
From Messages from Earth
Garibaldi, "Bacon and eggs, definitely."
Ivanova, "You're supposed to lift the lid off now so I can say it's from Marcus."
Director, "Cut."
Garibaldi, "You're supposed to lift it..."
Ivanova, "No."
beacon.wav (39K) Blooper
Keffer, "Attach homing beacon and... and... and.. and do something else."
bk2camra.wav (38K) Blooper
Ivanova, "My back's to camera. I can fuck up all I want."
bodyguar.wav (129K) Blooper
Londo, "He is my bodyguard. (G'Kar puts on sunglasses) He cleaned out the liquor cabinet in first class. And he still has a couple of peanuts right here. There we go. See you in my room.""
bomb.wav (148K) Blooper
From Convictions
Sheridan, "Where's the bomb?"
Bomber, "Oh, somewhere where you'll... shit. Oh, somewhere where you'll never... oh, somewhere where you'll..."
Sheridan, "Where's the bomb?"
Bomber, "Oh, somewhere where you'll... (Explosion)"
btmnia.wav (70K) Blooper
Delenn, "So, tell me of home, Lennier. I have been away far too long."
Lennier, "Beatlemania is back."
bull.wav (135K) Blooper
Sinclair, "Believe whatever you like. The fact is, the investigation is over."
Member of League, "Why's it over?! Deceit! Lies! Incompetence! This is bullshit!"
calloff.wav (157K) Blooper
Garibaldi, "Someone's trying to frame me for the explosion in the Cobra bay. They planted a schematic of the bay and a pouch of Centauri ducats in my quarters."
Londo, "Cen-tar-ri?"
Garibaldi, "Cen-tau-ri."
Londo, "Po-tay-to?"
Garibaldi, "Po-tah-to."
Londo, "To-may-to?"
Garibaldi, "To-mah-to."
Londo, "(and Garibaldi) Let's call the whole thing off!"
cantjump.wav (190K) Blooper
Sheridan, "Are you sure we can't jump?"
Lennier, "Positive."
Sheridan, "Then we have a problem."
Lennier, "No shit, sherlock."
Sheridan, "Run for it! (people run)"
Director, "No, you're... you're supposed to run. You're supposed to run! Run!"
capivan.wav (131K) Blooper
ISN Reporter, "A promotion ratified today by military authorities Earthside. Captain I-van-ova has... I'm sorry. Captain John Sheridan promoted Susan Ivan-ova... why do I want to..."
Director, "And cut."
ISN Reporter, "Sorry."
carvbone.wav (131K) Blooper
Minbari, "Because we are the same, you may ask your questions. If you can tolerate the answers."
Lennier, "Who... who carved your bone? It's a fabulous design!"
Minbari, "Same, guy, same guy. It's just this new thing he's doing."
clark.wav (36K) Blooper
Sheridan, "The Clarkstown burn ... (mostly gibberish)"
clstuff.wav (59K) Blooper
Garibaldi, "This is pretty cool stuff, huh? Watch the show: Wednesday nights, 8.00pm, Channel 17."
commsher.wav (46K) Blooper
From In the Beginning
Leftcourt, "Commander Franklin? Commander Sheridan."
Sheridan, "Thank you."
confuse.wav (43K) Blooper
Sheridan, "And we will not... What will we will not?"
creep.wav (76K) Blooper
From Convictions
Garibaldi, "Alright, pick that creep up and throw him in the brig. Be careful! Check out the area and... (gibberish)"
Sheridan, "(gibberish)"
cwedits.wav (48K) Blooper
Franklin, "O.K, 30 cwedits. Cwedits?"
Garibaldi, "Cwedits? Wow, ya screwy wabbit!"
datacrst.wav (224K) Blooper
From Hunter, Prey
Max, "What's this? A fake pocket? You've been holding out on me! (pause) Boy, I bet there was supposed to be a data crystal in this really small pocket down here, wasn't there?"
dcktfckt.wav (109K) Blooper
Londo, "500 Centauri ducats. That will buy you everything you need."
Garibaldi, "You're being awfully generous..."
Londo, "Can I go back and say ducats again? Fucket!"
ddnthnk.wav (78K) Blooper
Franklin, "But if she's sick... I'm surprised you didn't call in one of your own doctors."
Lennier, "I didn't think of that. Great idea! You're dismissed."
dntrmbr.wav (13K) Blooper
Keffer, "I don't remember the line."
donation.wav (119K) Blooper
Lyta, "Consider this a charitable donation. Hell, it might even be tax deductible."
Vir, "Tax deductible?"
Lyta, "Shit. Think of this as a charitable... something. I'm not going to do this anymore."
dropping.wav (76K) Blooper
Lyta, "The people I want to work for won't hire me. The only people that might hire me... are dropping shit everywhere!"
drugie.wav (33K) Blooper
From Between the Darkness & the Light?
Franklin, "Oh, Captain!"
Garibaldi, "Drugie, drugie, drugie!"
elnino.wav (57K) Blooper
Londo, "I don't like the look of this at all."
G'kar, "Ah, it's the damn El Nino."
elvis.wav (19K) Blooper
Garibaldi, "Do it like Elvis."
Ivanova, "Thank you very much."
fatening.wav (171K) Blooper
From The Coming of Shadows
Sheridan, "Ooh, have some of that! That good fattening crap."
Ivanova, "Hey, shut up!"
Sheridan, "Yeah, that's good."
Ivanova, "I don't need any comments from the peanut gallery either."
Sheridan, "You looked at your butt lately? Ooh, some quiche; can't even spell it. And try that human ear; it's from a tree called Vangoghs. Very fattening. And there's some good rice to loosen the bowels ..."
Ivanova, "Shut up!"
fkupcomp.wav (85K) Blooper
All the profanities as they appeared on the gag reel.
fuck.wav (9K) Blooper
Sheridan, "Ah, fuck it."
fuck2.wav (12K) Blooper
Sheridan, "Ah, fuck."
fuck3.wav (14K) Blooper
Franklin, "Fuck."
furgtve.wav (57K) Blooper
From Hunter, Prey
Garibaldi, "We just got a coded message from Earthforce Intellegence, ultra-violet priority, they posted a system wide furgitive... furgitive?"
gabaro.wav (52K) Blooper
Vir, "Ambassador Mollari wanted me to stop in and see about Mr. Gabaro... Gabarrr."
gasup.wav (32K) Blooper
Sheridan, "That motherfucker's... it's, er... gassing up to shoot!"
gethim.wav (59K) Blooper
From Divided Loyalities
Sheridan, "It's him!! It's him!! Get him! Get him!"
getup.wav (56K) Blooper
Minbari Warrior, "Get up!"
Lennier, "No."
Minbari Warrior, "Sorry."
gnrlsher.wav (178K) Blooper
Sheridan, "Sir! Captain John Sheridan, commander of Babylon 5. Welcome aboard, sir."
General Franklin, "General Richard Sheridan."
Sheridan, "No..."
General Franklin, "Fuck! Richard Franklin! Sorry."
Sheridan, "Sir! Captain John ... Shit. Now I'm the one!"
goddamn.wav (8K) Blooper
Corwin, "Goddamn it!"
godimoff.wav (31K) Blooper
Sheridan, "God I'm way off! I couldn't be more off the fucking mark!"
goqucknw.wav (220K) Blooper
Byron, "Is it go quickly *now* or go *quickly* now?"
Director, "Uh... go quickly *now*."
Byron, "(laughs) Wait."
Director, "Go *quickly* now."
Byron, "OK."
Director, "Or how about, go quickly."
Byron, "How about *go*... *quickly*... *now*."
Director, "Go quickly... *now*."
Byron, "(laughs) Alright."
Girl, "Still rolling."
Director, "Still rolling."
Byron, "Oh, I didn't hear that you were rolling."
Director, "OK, here we go, ready?"
Byron, "Sorry."
Director, "And cut!"
grudges.wav (67K) Blooper
From Strange Relations
Sheridan, "Speaking of personal grudges, you seen or heard anything of Garibaldi since Bester come on (gibberish)?"
Lochley, "No."
gtfcked.wav (65K) Blooper
Rameirez, "I'm gonna have a great dinner on your 30 credits, Doc."
Franklin, "Dream On!"
Garibaldi, "Hit the road! Get Fucked!"
hadidea.wav (158K) Blooper
From Point of No Return
G'kar, "I have had... an idea... an idea!"
Director, "Cut. OK."
Ivanova, "And that idea is...?"
hague.wav (252K) Blooper
Sheridan, "Where is General Hague?"
Major Ryan, "General Hague is doing Deep Space Nine. It seems he was double booked by his agent and there is nothing to be done."
hellodoc.wav (23K) Blooper
From A Race Through Dark Places
Franklin, "Hello, Doctor. Doctor?"
helltime.wav (48K) Blooper
Ivanova, "Ah, that's a hell of a time to think of... Ah, this is a hell of a time to think of that!"
hesnovir.wav (588K) Blooper
Londo, "And so you see, I knew that it would work out. As long as I am here... as long as I am here, nothing can happen to Babylon 5. Whoops, sorry."
Guy, "Thrilling, one more!"
Londo, "Because, I have a destiny. Yes? (laughing)"
Guy, "Peter, more!"
Londo, "Yes! (laughs) Nice shark, pretty shark! Oh, you have grown back your teeth, huh? Take a couple of those... He's good, isn't he? He's no Vir, but he's working on it."
hitme.wav (65K) Blooper
Sheridan, "That's why I'm putting you in charge to over seige... over... hit me again. (POW!)"
hitthem.wav (85K) Blooper
Sheridan, "My guess is that when enough of these ships are gathered at one place, they will hit them. (laughs) And hit them hard."
holdme.wav (89K) Blooper
Garibaldi, "Ah, I've been where he is. I just, uh... fucked the scene up at the end here, and I don't know why. Hold me?"
Zack, "OK."
however.wav (44K) Blooper
Franklin, "However ... However what?"
hugeplan.wav (101K) Blooper
Lyta, "There's a part of you that goes cold... empty... and after that (huge plane goes overhead) there's huge planes that go overhead and really fuck you up!"
hunch.wav (64K) Blooper
Sheridan, "Better lay on extra security. I have a hunch ..."
Garibaldi, "What is it?"
Sheridan, "I don't know."
hyperion.wav (72K) Blooper
Sinclair, "Where's the Hyperion?"
Ivanova, "On the other side. The enemy sheeps keeping them between us... "
Sinclair, "Well to hell with them!"
ifspeak.wav (90K) Blooper
Sheridan, "Now, I uh..."
Ivanova, "Before you do that, there's something else you sh-should know. (laughs) If I could speak, I could do it."
isogi.wav (107K) Blooper
From Spider in the Web
Sheridan, "To make sure that Taro Isugi's..."
Ivanova, "(laughs) No, no keep going."
Sheridan, "To make sure Taro Ishogi... I can't say his name!"
General laughter
ivanovna.wav (33K) Blooper
From Intersections in Real Time
Interrogator, "Now, I was asking you about Commander Ivanovna."
jkmorden.wav (256K) Blooper
Londo, "Jackie Mason's brother, Jackie Morden. (as Jackie Morden) So I went to see Ambassador Londo. First he wants the Shadows, then he doesn't want the Shadows. First he's in war, then he's not in the war. I mean, what's with this guy? I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I don't know who he is. Do you understand the Centauri? I don't understand the Centauri. I mean, give me a break. I'm just Morden. (as himself) That's it. New character. Possible idea."
joe.wav (582K) Blooper
Sheridan doing his Billy Bob Thorton impersonation.
Sheridan, "I'm kinda partial to them french fried potaters. (music)"
Sheridan, "Biscuits... biscuits... biscuits with mustard on 'em. (music)"
Sheridan, "I use a sling blade. I likes to use a sling blade, some people likes to call it a Kaiser blade, I call it a sling blade. Or is it the other way around. Yeah, that's what it is. (music)"
Sheridan, "I like that Joe Straczynski feller. (laughter)"
Sheridan, "He's got a big heart."
kerfung.wav (65K) Blooper
Sinclair, "Interesting. I've heard it was the religious caste who issued the religious ... kerfungabooboo."
laughing.wav (116K) Blooper
Garibaldi, "What you are, is what you are. You can't change that by taking a few pills. ... Why're you laughing?"
Talia, "(laughing)"
lifesupp.wav (59K) Blooper
From Thirdspace
Sheridan, "Alright, direct all power to the life support, the rotational systems, and we'll do this scene again."
linerite.wav (47K) Blooper
Lochley, "I just can't say that line right. I can say the other three hundred and sixty million right, but not that one."
longtime.wav (50K) Blooper
Bester, "For a long time now, I've heard airplanes in my head."
loosenup.wav (134K) Blooper
Londo, "Come on, Commander. Loosen up! You're supposed to enjoy yourself!"
Sinclair, "I am."
Londo, "Good!"
mandate.wav (107K) Blooper
Londo, "They won't get involved in military campaigns, border wars."
Plane flies by.
Sheridan, "No, that's not their mandate. ... But that's their plane. (laughs) Shit."
medlav.wav (48K) Blooper
Lochley, "Get on over to medlav. Am I Spanish now? Medlav?"
meshadow.wav (316K) Blooper
Londo is holding a lifesize stand up londo.
Londo, "Well hi. Welcome to the Londo Londo show. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. And here's a little something, years together in Vaudville."
sings, "Me and my shadow... strolling down the avenue. Not me but you. Me and my shadow... not a soul to tell our troubles to."
"That should be enough."
minibar.wav (89K) Blooper
From Voices of Authority
Julie Musanta, "You have some very impressive object here, Captain. Uh, Earthforce Silver Star for Valor in the Minibar War."
Sheridan, "The Minibar War?"
monica.wav (46K) Blooper
Garibaldi, "Mr. President, as you requested: Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers."
mornings.wav (368K) Blooper
Sinclair, "The time I learned to really appreciate mornings was during the three years I spent being taught by Jesuits. We used to... get up at five... The time I learned to really appreciate mornings was during the three years I spent being taught by Jesuits. We used to get up at five o'clock every morning... for midnight... The time I learned to really appreciate... One second... the time I learned to really appreciate mornings was during the three years I spent being taught by Jesuits. We used to get up at five o'clock every morning for..."
much.wav (144K) Blooper
Ivanova, "So, is there a problem?"
Garibaldi, "No, I ..."
Ivanova, "Much. (laughter)"
Garibaldi, "What?"
Ivanova, "I thought you were going to say more."
Garibaldi, "I was, but you cut me off. I thought it was a natural cut off."
Ivanova, "I know, it was horrible."
Garibaldi, "It worked."
myplane.wav (70K) Blooper
Sheridan, "We'll need that advantage, it's all we've got. (plane flies by) That's my plane coming in right now."
nexttou.wav (64K) Blooper
From Paragon of Animals
Lyta, "You see, you feel the person next to you... and well, something like that."
nnarns.wav (122K) Blooper
Sheridan, "So even though you don't technically speak for your government back home, you do speak for the Narns... I want to start again."
Director, "That's alright, go again, no problem."
Ivanova, "Nnnarns... you always have such a thing..."
Sheridan, "Nnnarns."
Ivanova, "...With the Nnnarns."
notclose.wav (75K) Blooper
Garibaldi, "But if that's true, then whoever tried to kill her probably doesn't even remember trying to do it. And that wasn't even close to the line, so we'll do it again. One more time. O.K."
nothing.wav (128K) Blooper
G'kar, "Nothing."
Londo, "... Somthing! (laughter)"
G'kar, "Nothing!"
Londo, "Something!"
notreal.wav (110K) Blooper
From The Illusion of Truth
ISN Reporter, "The conditions inside Babylon 5 are another matter all together."
Lennier, "(sings) Nothing is real..."
ISN Reporter, "But that's not the full extent of it."
Lennier, "(sings) And nothing to get hung about."
onown.wav (138K) Blooper
From The Paragon of Animals
Byron, "What will satisfy your anger, will never come from me, or anyone else here. I'm afraid you must... do it on your own."
paindeck.wav (155K) Blooper
Sheridan, "There are days when they are a pain in the deck, no... There are days when they are a pain in the deck... why am I gonna have this trouble? They are a pain in the deck. Fuck it."
planet.wav (68K) Blooper
From Acts of Sacrifice
Taq, "I do not understand. Oh, I do not remember the line. I do not know what planet I'm on."
plurals.wav (187K) Blooper
From Point of No Return
Londo, "This way, please."
Vir, "Why does she speak in plurals?"
Londo, "When the Emperor dies, the royal consul... it's, it is presumed... um, I'll tell you all about it later, she's going to call me any minute."
Lady Morella, "Ambassador!"
Londo, "Coming, Lady!"
porkchop.wav (65K) Blooper
From The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari
Londo, "AWGH!"
Vir, "Don't die!"
Londo, "Porkchops!"
prblmnln.wav (78K) Blooper
Ivanova, "Technically, we're ready to go."
Franklin, "But...?"
Ivanova, "Well, there's just one little problem. ... I don't know my line."
pregnant.wav (94K) Blooper
Sheridan, "What... what are you talking about? What is wrong with her?"
Franklin, "She's pregnant. ... And you did it."
proctol.wav (20K) Blooper
Sinclair, "Proctologist for the commander, please."
prof-bad.wav (80K) Blooper
Vir, "If I return without a yes, the consequences will be profoundly ... bad."
profound.wav (69K) Blooper
Marcus, "The Minbari say ... something really profound."
puddytat.wav (61K) Blooper
Londo, "I tawt I taw a puddy tat. I did, I did see a puddy tat.
rameirez.wav (74K) Blooper
Rameirez, "Rameirez, go."
Computer, "Lt. Rameirez, you're going to die at the end of this episode. You need to pick up your check now."
Rameirez, "Yeah, I'll be right there."
rangers.wav (121K) Blooper
Delenn, "I ordered several Ranger ships to the areas where some of these attacks have taken place, to see if they could get more information. Put it, please. I fucked it up."
rumrivan.wav (624K) Blooper
From A View from the Gallery
Mack, "You shouldn't listen to rumors, Bo. This place is full of them. Like when I-van-ova left? Alright? Is that... was that...?"
Woman, "Ivanova."
Mack, "Ivanova! Ivanova... Ivanova... You shouldn't listen to rumors, Bo. This place is full of them. Like when I-van-ova left? Ivanova? Ivanova... like when Ivanova... can I just take my own cue? OK."
Woman, "Here we go."
Mack, "Ivanova. OK. You shouldn't listen to rumors, Bo. This place is full of them. (laughs) Ivanova? You shouldn't listen to rumors, Bo. I mean, this place is full of them. Like when I-van-ova left? Alright? Shit. What is it? Ivanova. OK.
Director, "Ivanova."
Mack, "Ivanova. OK. Ivanova. Ivanova. You shouldn't listen to rumors, Bo. This place is full of them. Like when..."
sandwich.wav (157K) Blooper
Garibaldi, "He was my friend."
Wade, "And he's misguided."
Garibaldi, "I won't sell him out!"
Wade, "... OK."
Garibaldi, "Well then, we're done."
Wade, "Got a sandwich on you?"
Garibaldi, "(laughs)"
Director, "Cut!"
satan.wav (30K) Blooper
Lennier, "We're having a little trouble with Satan, but we'll be right back."
scott.wav (284K) Blooper
Garibaldi, "Anything special I should know about them?"
Scott, "They're planning to take over the galaxy."
Garibaldi, "Yeah, that's great, look, but could you autograph this for me please, before you go?"
Lyta, "Yeah Scott, please, can I have your autograph?"
A lot of other people join in to ask for his autograph.
shit.wav (17K) Blooper
Sheridan, "Ah, shit."
shit2.wav (13K) Blooper
Franklin, "Er... ah, shit!"
shit3.wav (11K) Blooper
Sheridan, "Ah, shit!"
shit4.wav (8K) Blooper
Sheridan, "Shit!"
shotgun.wav (43K) Blooper
From The Quality of Mercy
Karl Mueller, "(laughing) Sorry, sorry, you have to stop. Cause I shot the gun."
shutup.wav (86K) Blooper
Sheridan, "Marcus! We're jumping. Get ready ... (laughs) Shut up, I didn't say that."
signaloh.wav (81K) Blooper
Delenn, "The signal!"
Sheridan, "I heard, tell the others to..."
Minbari, "ooh!"
Sheridan, "...follow us in. (laughing) Did you hear..."
sinclair.wav (316K) Blooper
From Soul Mates
Londo, "Gahhh!"
Sheridan, "Medlab, this is Sinclair!"
laughter and a great deal of embarrasment for Bruce
Sheridan, "What was I thinking?! Hit me!! That's the Christmas reel!"
sleep.wav (109K) Blooper
Vir, "How was your sleep?"
Londo, "Good. How did you?"
Vir, "Good."
Londo, "You have a little crust here, let me get it for you..."
Vir, "Thank you."
Londo, "Alright."
Vir, "Oh, you do ... (message beep)"
Londo, "What? What is it?"
sleptmaj.wav (70K) Blooper
Sinclair, "So, you know this Major Kemmer?"
Garibaldi, "Oh, yeah. I slept with her."
slover.wav (39K) Blooper
Ivanova, "You're talking about the cold blooded slover of almost ... slover?"
sm1jumpd.wav (56K) Blooper
Sheridan, "Delenn, we're ready to jump. (unidentified noise) Tell the rest of the... what the hell? Somebody jumped."
smoking.wav (60K) Blooper
From Dust to Dust
(Lots of smoke)
Director, "Now let it disipate a bit..."
Londo, "Are you smoking more and enjoying it less?"
snore.wav (123K) Blooper
From A Race Through Dark Places
Sheridan, "(snores) Susan ... Susan ... (laughs)"
somethng.wav (64K) Blooper
Londo, "Thank you for the sensitivity, Captain. I do not lie when I say, this could have been a major ... something."
sorry.wav (103K) Blooper
Garibaldi, "I don't think I ever really stopped."
Lise, "I'm sorry too."
Garibaldi, "About the plane?"
spacehpy.wav (248K) Blooper
From Spider in the Web
Garibaldi, "Captain, begging your pardon, but have you gone space happy? That woman is the..."
Director, "Action."
Garibaldi, "Captain, have you gone space happy?"
Sheridan, "Just think of getting a chubby and..."
Garibaldi, "(laughs) Thanks. Here we go, no I'm ready. Go."
Director, "Action."
Garibaldi, "Captain, begging your pardon, but have you gone space happy? (laughs)"
starwars.wav (49K) Blooper
Sheridan, "(sings) Star Wars..."
stepin.wav (62K) Blooper
Lochley, "Am I stepping in from this direction? Or that direction? This way. I knew that."
steps.wav (150K) Blooper
From War Without End
High pitched noise, Sound of time-stabilizer rolling away
Sheridan, "It rolled right to the steps. Right to the... (laughs)"
stmulatd.wav (169K) Blooper
Garibaldi, "Yours?"
G'Kar, "No, your mother's!"
Garibaldi, "No, my mother is more like this."
G'Kar, "Get out!"
Garibaldi, "I don't think it's time for me to go. I'm suddenly feeling stimulated."
stupid.wav (123K) Blooper
Sheridan, "And the man they shot?"
Garibaldi, "No idea. He was there to meet with a client of mine. Now, you can assume that I'm... completely fucking stupid... or..."
thescene.wav (145K) Blooper
From Racing Mars
Sheridan, "But you're damaging the cause, and you're hurting this station. Now, it wouldn't be so bad if I at least understood... the scene. (laughs) OK."
this.wav (41K) Blooper
From Survivors
Kemmer, "Hard evidence that Garibaldi is part of this... this."
thisthat.wav (68K) Blooper
Vir, "So this is what this is about? So this is what that is about? What is it?"
thtslyta.wav (126K) Blooper
Garibaldi, "Hey wait a second. Hold up. I know her. It's, it's Lyta."
Franklin, "Who?"
Garibaldi, "Lyta!"
Franklin, "Who ... who be Lyta?"
Garibaldi, "THE BITCH!"
uglier.wav (74K) Blooper
From Acts of Sacrifice
Garibaldi, "Could this situation possibly get any uglier?"
Sheridan, "Mmm."
Garibaldi, "Well answer me."
Sheridan, "(laughs) I don't know."
ulkesh.wav (163K) Blooper
From Walkabout
Sheridan, "I'm Captain John Sheridan, this is my second, Commander Susan I ... (laughs) I'm Commander..."
Sheridan, "I have not had a drink, I swear to God!"
undrwear.wav (58K) Blooper
Garibaldi, "Everybody out! Go! Don't die! Nice underwear!"
valesh12.wav (284K) Blooper
Ivanova, "My god, whoever's piloting that shuttle's a madman!"
Londo, "Ahh, just like Valesh 12. There is no connection to the 405 here. We'll have to take the Long Beach. We'll take the Long Beach, is that alright? First the Long Beach, then the 405. Alright, I know where we're going now. There'll be a bathroom stop in about 10 minutes."
Draal, "I hope so."
vallen.wav (66K) Blooper
From Passing Through Gethsemane
Brother Edward, "I would very much like to hear about Vall-en sometime."
Lennier, "Valen."
Delenn, "I would like that."
Brother Edward, "Valen, sorry."
Lennier, "It's OK."
virgkar.wav (101K) Blooper
Londo, "That bastard G'Kar! He said he knew nothing about this! G'KAR!!! "
Vir, "G'KAR!!!"
visible.wav (57K) Blooper
From Hunter, Prey
Sheridan, "Sign of instrumentation... no... visible-blow... (laughs) Visible-ble."
wargoing.wav (127K) Blooper
Sheridan, "Babylon Control to Roanoke."
Girl runs around Sheridan to the other side of C&C
Sheridan, "Your ship is out of control, let us... let me do it again, run around again, here we go. Hurry up! Hyah, there's a war going on! Hyah!"
wefound.wav (28K) Blooper
From The Long Night
Ericsson, "We found ... (gibberish)"
whathave.wav (42K) Blooper
Franklin, "I'll have a, uh... what'll I have, I'm sorry."
whatname.wav (120K) Blooper
From There All the Honor Lies
Minbari, "Because we are the same, you may ask your questions... if you can tolerate the answers."
Director, "Cut."
Lennier, "What is your name?"
whetthin.wav (236K) Blooper
From The Long Night
Londo, "Great Maker... your eye. I have smuggled in some Wheat Thins for you."
G'Kar starts ripping at the bag with his teeth
Londo, "Wait, wait, wait. And a banana. (laughs)"
whoareu.wav (35K) Blooper
From Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
Lorien, "(sings) Who-oh are you... who who... who who..."
whoever.wav (169K) Blooper
From A Voice in the Wilderness II
Ivanova, "My God, whoever's piloting that... (clears her throat) Whoever's? Whomever's?"
Woman, "Whoever's."
Ivanova, "My God, whoever's... whoever's? I'm sorry... (laughs)"
whthell.wav (15K) Blooper
Sheridan, "What the hell am I saying?"
willrobn.wav (180K) Blooper
From Meditations on the Abyss
Findell, "Lennier..."
Lennier, "Um... have you seen this, Findell?"
TheRobot, "Danger! Danger Will Robinson!"
Lennier, "It's uh..."
TheRobot, "Danger! Danger Will Robinson!"
Lennier, "Standard Ranger issue... thing, here..."
TheRobot, "My sensors indicate an intruder, danger. Danger! Danger Will Robinson!"
Lennier, "Shut up!"
wimbari.wav (70K) Blooper
Ivanova, "I mean, everyone always said that it was impossible to take out a ... a Wimbari Morecruiser? Shit."
winecool.wav (49K) Blooper
Londo, "You wouldn't believe it, but three winecoolers, and I'm buzzed."
wiped.wav (105K) Blooper
From Grey 17 is Missing
Ivanova, "Knowing Stephen, he's probably wiped his... (laughs) Wiped his what? I'm sorry..."
wntbagel.wav (224K) Blooper
Centauri Dignitary, "You want a bagel?"
Londo, "Yes."
Centauri, "There is not a bagel in the whole quadrant, you could not a bagel."
Londo, "Not a bagel?"
Centauri, "No, not a bagel!"
Londo, "Anything else?"
Vir, "Excuse me ..."
Centauri, "I could get for you a..."
Vir, "... as long as you're going to be out, can you ... those little potato things ..."
Centauri, "But he wants a knish!"
Londo, "A knish would be good, and some bialy."
Centauri, "I could get for you a bialy. Now a bialy I could get for you."
Londo, "Go ahead, leave us alone, now. We're going to work this out."
word.wav (79K) Blooper
Garibaldi, "If I were you, I'd be spending my time concentrating on that nasty, fucking word that escapes me at the moment."
wrgsectr.wav (61K) Blooper
Sheridan, "Exactly. The number of refugees escaping into sector forty ... well, I'm in the wrong sector."
xmas.wav (388K) Blooper
Londo, "Oh, hello. I'm Londo Mollari. Are you stuck for a Christmas gift? Think about the Book of G'Kar. Twelve beautiful Narns in twelve beautiful months. Yes? Available now at Narns and Noble."
G'Kar, "On Tuesday I'm going out with girls!"
Londo, (laughs)
Announcer, "Order now, only three payments of $19.95. Call 1-800-504-3135. That's 1-800-504-3135. Sorry, no C.O.D.s."
yomomma.wav (44K) Blooper
Garibaldi, "Yours?"
G'Kar, "No, your mother's!"
zack.wav (30K) Blooper
Garibaldi, "Zack!"
Zack, "Yeah?"
Garibaldi, "Oh, you're over there."
zack2.wav (144K) Blooper
Zack, "I had some of the greatest fuck ups last season... the beginning part of the season that never made it onto the gag reel."
Zack, "Which is exactly... well... Whoever stole... whoever stole? Can we pick it up? Dammit. (gibberish)"