Sound files starting with C

c2zhadum.wav (114K) Z'ha'dum
Anna Sheridan, "All you have to do is come with me."
Sheridan, "Where?"
Anna Sheridan, "Where else? Z'ha'dum."
cabntday.wav (113K) Divided Loyalties
Ivanova kicks a cabinet.
Talia, "That's one cabinet that won't threaten us again."
Ivanova, "Ah, I'm sorry. I just... It's been one of those days."
calcolct.wav (29K) Falling Toward Apotheosis
Sheridan, "Londo? He is probably calling collect."
caltsfod.wav (53K) The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari
Londo, "They call this food? Even the Pak'ma'ra won't eat this."
candhelp.wav (92K) Interludes and Examinations
Morden, "Anything I can do to help?"
Vir, "Um, short of dying? No, I can't think of a thing."
canntsay.wav (30K) War Without End I
Zathras, "Can not say. Saying, I would know. Do not know, so can not say."
canntwin.wav (96K) Into the Fire
Sheridan, "Still can't win, but it's not bad."
Marcus, "We can't win?"
Sheridan, "Against the Vorlons and the Shadows, NO."
cantbbad.wav (91K) A Voice in the Wilderness I
Londo, "Mr. Garibaldi, Whatever it is, it can't be that bad."
cantimg.wav (716K) The long, Twilight Struggle
Sheridan, "G'Kar, I know we have had our problems in the past. I can't imagine going into the council chambers and not seeing you there. Straight, Tall, ready to argue with anyone about anything thing. I don't know I ... I don't think I want to go the next ten years without your insight or your words. For what it's worth, every resource that I have, every contact, anyway that I can help you win back your planet, is yours.
G'Kar, "The last time I offered someone my hand, we were at war 24 hours later."
capclark.wav (224K) Severed Dreams
Major Ryan, "Bill.. did you ever meet the Captain of the Clarkstown?"
Bill, "No, sir."
Major Ryan, "He and the General went to the Academy together, Hague introduced him to me last summer. He has a wife back home, three small children, and an abyssinian cat named Max."
caretakr.wav (99K) War Without End II
Zathras, "Zathras is oldest living caretaker of great machine. One hundred ten years old. ha ha."
carroptin.wav (136K) Revelations
Londo, "One desserts his post without any explanation. The other one, picks the most breathtakingly inconvenient moment possible to explore new career options, like becoming a butterfly."
catnible.wav (191K) Chrysalis
Londo, "This is like being nibbled to death by .. um .. pah .. What are those Earth creatures called? Feather, long bill webbed feet, go quack?"
Vir, "Cats."
Londo, "Cats. I'm being nibbled to death by cats."
cbstupid.wav (46K) Ceremonies of Light & Dark
Boggs, "They can't be that stupid, can they?"
Unnamed Night Watch member, "Always bet on stupidity"
centalne.wav (52K) And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
Sheridan, "As of right now, the Centauri republic stands alone."
centjok2.wav (189K) Convictions
Franklin, " How many Centauri does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one, but in the great old days ..."
Lennier, ".. in the great old days of the republic, hundreds of servants would live to change a thousand light bulbs at a slightest whim."
centjoke.wav (440K) Convictions
Londo, "(laughs) I heard a joke today. I probably should not repeat it. But who are you going to tell. Hum? How many Centauri does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one, but in the great old days of the republic, hundreds of servants would change a thousand light bulbs at a slightest whim." and laughs.
centtria.wav (46K) Grey 17 is Missing
Garibaldi, "I like mysteries, but I hate grey sector. I swear it's like the Centuari triangle in there."
cevryday.wav (33K) The Needs of Earth
Chambers, "There's something you don't see every day."
chardont.wav (49K) Movements of Fire and Shadow
Lyta, "Consider this a charitable donation. Hell it might even be deductible."
charm.wav (129K) Eyes
Mr. Grey, "May I sit down?"
Ivanova, "Don't you suppose to be picking in the someone's mind?"
Mr. Grey, "You're very charming ... in an odd sort of way."
charmcen.wav (77K) Sic Transit Vir
Ivanova, "May I say sir, from the bottom of my heart, that you make an absolutely charming Centauri."
cheerup.wav (264K) Matters of Honor
Sheridan, "You know, I'm really getting a little tired of these unannounced visits by VIP's, who don't tell us why they are coming or what they are going to do when they get here."
Ivanova, "Leave it to you to try to take all the fun out life. Ah, come on, where's your sense of mystery, adventure."
Sheridan, "Are you trying to cheer me up?"
Ivanova, "No Sir! Wouldn't dream of it."
Sheridan, "Good! I hate being cheer up. It's depressing."
Ivanova, "Well in that case, we'll all going to die a horrible, painful, lingering deaths."
Sheridan, "Thank you. I feel, so much better now."
chewarm.wav (268K) A Voice in the Wilderness I
Londo, "The next day, I woke up. I saw her in the light of day, sleeping against my arm and I decided I would rather chew off my arm than wake her up."
Garibaldi, "Oh, that's sweet."
Londo, "No, no. She had a voice that could curdle fresh milk. "Londo!" "Yes, dear?" "Londo!" "Coming, my darling. I'll be right there, my love bug."
chime.wav (13K) Season 4
Door Chime recorded from Illusion Of Truth
chime_1.wav (27K) The Parliament of Dreams
Door bell used mostly in the first season.
chime_2.wav (20K) Season 1
B5 computer, "beep"
chkples1.wav (384K) Objects in Motion
Franklin, "You know, I do have about an hour before my next shift starts. In case you wanted to ... uh ... celebrate your new job."
Number One, "More than an hour or less than an hour?"
Franklin, "About an hour and ten minutes."
Number One, "You go on ahead. I take care of this. Check! Check please!"
chkples2.wav (35K) Objects in Motion
Number One, "Check! Check please!"
chmbrpot.wav (52K) Eyes
Ivanova, "If you enter my mind for any reason, I will twist your head off and use it as a chamber pot."
chngtpic.wav (99K) Strange Relations
Lyta, "Thank you. That was probably the most elegant attempt to change the topic, I have ever heard."
chngudwr.wav (54K) Rising Star
Londo, "I hope you have brought a change of underwear. You will need it after you read this."
chnladlt.wav (33K) Racing Mars
B5 computer, "Adult channel unavailable due to jamming."
chnletnt.wav (43K) Racing Mars
B5 computer, "Entertainment channel unavailable due to jamming."
chnlisn.wav (20K) Racing Mars
B5 computer , "ISN available"
chnlmovi.wav (35K) Racing Mars
B5 computer, "Movie channel unavailable due to jamming."
chnlsprt.wav (38K) Racing Mars
B5 computer, "Sports channel unavailable due to jamming."
chosen1.wav (268K) Comes the Inquisitor
Sebastian, "How do you know the chosen ones? No greater love hath a man, then he lay down his life for his brother. Not for millions, not for gory, not for fame, for one person, in the dark. Where no one will every no or see."
chpbstrd.wav (60K) Lines of Communication
Marcus, "That'll fifty credits."
Franklin, "No, no, don't you start with me."
Marcus, "fifty!"
Franklin, "Marcus."
Marcus, "Fifty."
Franklin, "Don't!"
Marcus, "Come on you cheap bastard"
Franklin, "Marcus!"
chsegurd.wav (54K) And the Rock cried Out, No Hiding Place
Londo, "Sometimes think they choose guards for the amount of bone content in their head."
cityflam.wav (396K) Rumors, Bargains and Lies
Delenn, "I think of my beautiful city in flames, Lennier. The streets where I walked. The temples, great crystal spirals, which side music whenever the wind touched. I think of it and I cry, Lennier. And I wonder, did I do this, when I broke the Grey Council."
clawhell.wav (72K) A View from the Gallery
Bo, "Well dead or alive. I would claw my way out of hell and straight though ten miles of solid rock to see that smile again."
cleanupl.wav (428K) And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place
Preacher, "You know before I got married, Emily come by some times to help me clean out my apartment. Well, I asked her, how come you are so eager to help clean up my place, when you place is just as bad. She said, because cleaning up your place helps me to forget what a mess I have made of mind and when I sweep me floor, all I have done is sweep my floor, but when I help you clean up your place, I am helping you. Of course, the way I lived back then sometimes the mess was to much for both of us, but it sure was nice to have the company."
clmvctry.wav (60K) Voices of Authority
Marcus, "The Minbari taught me, Claim victory in your heart and the Universe will follow."
Ivanova, "Fine. great. Claim victory in your heart and up your ..."
clnfight.wav (44K) The Face of the Enemy
Sheridan, "We need to kept this a clean fight. That means human commanding officers only."
clr4dock.wav (62K) The Memory of War
Galen, "Clear me for docking. Put away the breakables. Turn on the landing lights. I'm coming in."
clrdntry.wav (38K) Visitors from down the Street
Computer, "Bay pressurized. Cleared for entry."
clsdcrcl.wav (89K) War Without End I
Vorlon, "He is the closed circle. He is returning to the beginning."
cmdrfast.wav (12K) The Gathering, Pilot
Laurel Takashima, "Get me the commander fast!"
cmdrlk4u.wav (37K) And the Sky Full of Stars
Garibaldi, "Commander, there you are. I've been looking all over the place for you."
cmplyordr.wav (51K) No Surrender, No Retreat
Sheridan, "You will comply with these orders or be destroyed."
cmpscmty.wav (69K) What Ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
G'kar, "Hell, I suppose I should be appreciate your concern. Compassion is a rare commodity these days."
cmsmomt.wav (197K) And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
Sheridan, "(3 gavial hits) There comes a moment in everyone's life, when you have to do something you would rather not do. When you know something you would rather not know. This is one such moment."
cnconlin.wav (38K) A Call to Arms
Lochley, "(beep) Lochley to CNC."
Corwin, "CNC on line."
cnltudot.wav (48K) The Exercise of Vital Powers
Lyta, "I can't let you do that."
cntactb5.wav (28K) Endgame
Marcus, "Computer, contact Babylon 5."
cntdevil.wav (68K) The Long Dark
Garibaldi, "You were about to accuse the Centauri Ambassador of being in league with the devil. Which might not be far from the truth"
cntrdctn.wav (280K) Appearances and Other Deceits
Eilerson, "There is a number of things that I hate captain. I hate it when I pull up a piece of skin next to my nail and it catches ever time I put it in my pocket and hurts like a son of gun. I hate it when I go to movies with kids in the audience, because there is always someone there that I can't kill them. Now who makes up these rules anyway? And most of all, I hate contradictions. This is a contradiction, a big one."
cntrhld1.wav (49K) Revelations
G'kar, "Things fall apart, the center can not hold."
cntrhld2.wav (316K) Revelations
G'kar, "Things fall apart, the center can not hold. Mire anarchy is loosed upon the world. The blood dimmed tide is loosed and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned. And what rough beast, it's hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born."
cntrunvr.wav (224K) The Path of Sorrows
Isabelle, "Dearest Galen, I had planned one day to make a tapestry for you. A portrait of the universe your picture and a microtext dot in the middle, which would say, center of the universe, I am here."
code7r.wav (13K) Voices of Authority
Ivanova, "We got a code 7R."
coded.wav (52K) Babylon squared
B5 computer, "Coded signal matches 100 percent"
colabz.wav (41K) Eyes
Colonel Ari Ben Zayn, "It's Colonel Ari Ben Zayn, Earthforce internal affairs."
cold.wav (191K) The Illusion Of Truth
Londo, "When I said my quarters were cold, I did not mean, oh I think it is a little chilly in here. Perhaps, I'll throw a blank on the bed. No, I said it was cold! As in, oh look my left arm has snapped off, like an ice sickle and shattered on the floor.
cold2.wav (288K) The Illusion of Truth
Londo, "When I said my quarters were cold, I did not mean, oh I think it is a little chilly in here. Perhaps, I'll throw a blank on the bed. No, I said it was cold! As in, oh look my left arm has snapped off, like an ice sickle and shattered on the floor. This is highly inappropriate Captain."
Sheridan, "You're right. There are several other parts of your body, I would much rather snap off."
Londo, "I see, well your sense of humor is very funny."
collaterl.wav (184K) Patterns of the Soul
Gideon, "Now you have something for collateral. But even without that, I wouldn't compromise your people, Dureena. I may palm a card off the table from time to time, but killing off your trust isn't a fair game"
comdcntl.wav (19K) Falling Toward Apotheosis
Ivanova, "This is a command and control update."
comegone.wav (39K) Midnight on the Firing Line
G'kar, "Your time has come and gone! It's our turn now!"
comehome.wav (1,043K) Endgame
Sheridan, "This is Captain John Sheridan. We are here on the authority of a multi planetary force, that can no longer stand by and watch one of their greatest allies falling into darkness and despair. We are here on behalf on the thousands of civilians murdered under the current administration, who have no else to speak for them and on behalf of the earth force units that have joined us to oppose the ternary that has darkened earth, ever since president Santiago was assassinated three years ago. We are here to place President Clark under arrest, to disband Nightwatch and return our government to the hands of her people.
We know that many in the government have wanted to act, but have been intimidated by threats of retaliation against your families, your friends. You are not alone anymore. We call upon you to rise up and do what's right. We have drawn their forces away from earth and disabled them. The time to act is now.
This is not the voice of treason. This are your sons, your daughters, whose loyalties have never wavered, whose beliefs in this alliance has forces us to take extraordinary means for justice, for peace, for the future. We have come home!"
coming.wav (15K) A Voice in the Wilderness II
Ivanova, "We got a signal coming through"
comm-out.wav (32K) A Voice in the Wilderness II
Psi Corps on Mars, "Communications are out except for authorized personal"
command.wav (9K) Babylon Squared
B5 computer, "Command?"
comments.wav (60K) Divided Loyalties
Sheridan, "Comments anyone?"
Ivanova, "Is the phrase no way in hell ring about?"
comncing.wav (11K) Babylon Squared
B5 computer, "Commencing"
comncrim.wav (300K) The Well of Forever
Gideon, "I've already made that promise times three hundred."
Galen, "Have you kept it?"
Gideon, "No, not yet."
Galen, "Then when the time comes, I will help you kept yours, as you have helped me kept mine. Perhaps then we can both forgive ourselves our common crime."
Gideon, "What crime?"
Galen, "Being alive."
computer.wav (109K) Voices in the Dark
Lochley, "Computer"
comrange.wav (58K) War Without End II
B4 computer, "Target is outside communication range. Unable to make contact."
condolnc.wav (516K) Appearances and Other Deceits
Gideon, "Dear Mrs. Greenberg, I was your son, Stewart's, commander. I wanted you to know that he gave his life in pursuit of his duty. His action saved the lives of over three hundred of his fellow crewmen. I have submitted his name for accommodation. He was ... He was a good man Mrs. Greenberg and all the accommodation wouldn't make for his absence at the dinner table. But you should know, that he was a brave man who did what needed to be done and we all owe him our lives. My sincere condolence on your lose. Should you feel the need to talk, please do not hesitate to contact me."
confirmd.wav (10K) The War Prayer
B5 computer, "confirmed"
confrmed.wav (19K)
Starfury computer, "Confirmed"
conman.wav (64K) DeathWalker
Sinclair, "They say God works in mysterious ways."
Garibaldi, "Maybe so, but he is con man compared to the Vorlon."
conscios.wav (34K) The Gathering, Pilot
G'kar, "Would you prefer to be conscious or unconscious during the mating?"
consdrnk.wav (58K) War Without End II
Londo, "You will excuse me, if I do not stand. I have had considerable to drink. it is the only way that we can be alone."
contfast.wav (236K) What Ever happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
Delenn, "My fast will continue. If John does not return from Z'ha'dum, if he's ... if he's dead, then my soul will join, even if I can not. And as I promised him long ago, I will see him in a place where no shadows fall."
continue.wav (20K) The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
B5 Computer, "Do you wish to Continue?"
contract.wav (23K) Deathwalker
Kosh, "We have a contract."
controld.wav (103K) Darkness Ascending
Garibaldi, "I don't want anyone's pity. I don't need anybody's pity. All I know is that I am tired of being controlled. Controlled by others, by fear, by my past, by what everybody else expects of me and its enough."
contshot.wav (63K) Strange Relations
Lochley, "Now would you like to hear my side or would you rather continue shouting. If the later, please let me know, so I can sit down and get comfortable."
convhman.wav (43K) A Race through Dark Places
Garibaldi, "Your getting good at this. Kept working it and one of this days, I might even be convinced that your human."
cool.wav (31K) War Without End I
Sheridan, "Well as my great grandfather used to say, Cool"
cor-mtft.wav (51K) A Race Through Dark Places
Talia, "The Corps is mother, the Corps is father. I know where my loyalties lie."
corpmofa.wav (43K) Phoenix Rising
Bester, "The corp is mother, the corp is father."
cortime.wav (58K) There All the Honor Lies
Kosh, "Precisely the correct time. Come."
cptnread.wav (34K) Knives
Garibaldi, "Captain, Do you read me?"
cptstlik.wav (82K) A View From the Gallery
Mack, "So, get a chance to see the new captain?"
Bo, "Yea."
Mack, "What do you think?"
Bo, "Tastes like ..."
Mack, "Don't go there."
cramps.wav (78K) Soul Mates
Delenn, "Do you have any idea, Why I suddenly started getting these odd cramps?"
crankier.wav (41K) Falling Toward Apotheosis
Ivanova, "Is it my imagination or is Mr. Garibaldi crankier then normal?"
credsil1.wav (1,093K) Sleeping in Light
Narrator, "An now for you that have been archiving this ISN special documentary, the people responsible. Funding for this program was possible by grants from the Anlashok memorial fund."
closing credits for Sleeping in Light.
credsil2.wav (936K) Sleeping in Light
closing credits for Sleeping in Light.
creepfly.wav (26K) Ship of Tears
Garibaldi, "I didn't even know the little creep could fly a starfury."
creepout.wav (31K) Passing through Gethsemane
Garibaldi, "Is anybody else as creeped out about this as I am?"
cretfutr.wav (57K) In the Beginning
Delenn, "What are you doing here?"
Kosh, "Creating the future."
crismang.wav (40K) Conflicts of Interests
Zathras, "Zathras trained in crisis management."
crlurpst.wav (28K) A Call to Arms
Technomage, "The circle requires your presence"
crnknarn.wav (56K) Rising Star
Londo, "We really should hurry, otherwise, we have to put up with a cranky narn all the way to Earth."
crtemeng.wav (464K) Learning Curve
Turval, "If I told you climb a mountian and bring me a flower from the highest point and you will die after completing your task. Would that be meaningless?"
Minbari, "Of course, it's trival."
Turval, "And if there are a million people waiting at the base of the mountian for whom, that one flower was a symbol of their freedom and they would follow that symbol at your dead in a struggle that would liberate half a billion souls. Would that have a meaning? You see, we create the meaning in our lives. It does not exist independently."
crtmrsld.wav (54K) A Call to Arms
Lochley, "I always knew I would get court marshaled for something someday day. It may as well be now and get it over with. "
cryptic.wav (244K) Interludes and Examinations
Sheridan, "Don't turn your back on me! Don't you even try to walk away from me! Just who the hell do you think you are?! Oh wait, I know what you think you are, what you want us to believe. But I don't buy it. For three years now, you've been pulling everyone's strings, getting us to do all the work and you haven't done a damn thing but stand there and look cryptic! Well, it's about time you started pulling your own weight around here!"
crzyscnc.wav (63K) ThirdSpace
Ivanova, "Before things get crazy, I see, and what exactly would you call this?"
Dr. Trent, "Science."
csdrsung.wav (31K) Appearances and Other Deceits
Eilerson, "If I didn't feel for his position, I'd consider suing."
cstmdspt.wav (62K) A Call to Arms
Sheridan, "Looks like you won't get your chance to shoot either of us."
Dureena, "I've gone accustomed to disappointment."
ctaeplg1.wav (320K) A Call to Arms
Sheridan, "I've told president Lukengo, that we will put all the resources of the alliance and whitestar fleet at their disposal. We'll turn the excalibar into a traveling resource station. Manned by the best crew we can find. The rangers will search every corner of space. Then the excalibar and her crew will go in to follow up. Legend said that one day, the real excalibar would return in her greatest hour of need. I guess this is it."
ctaeplg2.wav (480K) A Call to Arms
Sheridan, "Those who command the Excalibar will never stop, never give up, never slow down, until a cure is found. We will take any help we can get, where ever and who ever it comes from. Because this is a cause that surpasses borders and differences and distrust. This is a mission about the survival of Earth itself. What we do over the next five years, here and at home, and across the darkness of between the stars will determine the whether and entire world will live or die. It's a fight we can't afford to lose and we won't. We won't!"
ctdtedlr.wav (81K) Each Night I dream of Home
Sentar Redway, "Didn't your daddy ever tell you not to contradict your elders?"
Gideon, "No, Sir."
Sentar Redway, "Well, I see part of the problem here."
cthem1-2.wav (960K) Crusade
Season 1 opening theme/ credits for Crusade. Recorded from The Path of Sorrows. There are difference in the music and some sound effects.
Galen, "Who are you?"
Gideon, "Matthew Gideon, Captain, attached the Earth alliance star ship, Excalibur."
Galen, "What do you want?"
Gideon, "To find a cure to the Drakh plague, before it wipes out all life on Earth."
Galen, "Where are you going?"
Gideon, "Anywhere I have too."
Galen, "Who do you serve and who do you trust? (music) Who do you serve and who do you trust?"
cthem1.wav (944K) Crusade
Season 1 opening theme/ credits for Crusade , recorded from War Zone
Galen, "Who are you?"
Gideon, "Matthew Gideon, Captain, attached the Earth alliance star ship, Excalibur."
Galen, "What do you want?"
Gideon, "To find a cure to the Drakh plague, before it wipes out all life on Earth."
Galen, "Where are you going?"
Gideon, "Anywhere I have too."
Galen, "Who do you serve and who do you trust? (music) Who do you serve and who do you trust?"
ctownmgc.wav (79K) The Long Road
Alwyn, "It is time they came into their own, began making their own decisions, and creating their own magic, learning by their own mistakes."
ctrwrtph.wav (141K) Intersections in Real Time
Interrogator, "When I ask a question, you will respond at once. You will not hesitate. you will not consider. You will not Lie! Cooperation will be rewarded. Resistance will be punished."
cuoshell.wav (202K) Legend of the Rangers
Sara, "See you on the other side of hell."
cuprnovr.wav (141K) Learning Curve
Sheridan, "Michael will come around, eventually. He is a good man."
Lochley, "I know. I just never thought I would meet a second man as strong willed, stubborn, and annoying as I am. My cup runnith over."
curdmilk.wav (95K) A Voice in the Wilderness I
Londo, "She had a voice that could curdle fresh milk. Londo! Yes Dear. Londo! Coming my daring." and laughing.
custchld.wav (35K) Racing Mars
Marcus, "I'll remind you of this, when we decide on custody of the children."
custstaf.wav (239K) Voices in the Dark
Lochley, "I wonder if Custer had staff like this."