Sound files starting with F

fables.wav (146K) The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
Brother Edward, "The blessed Sheridan, who lived and died and returned from the dead and was taken body into heaven. And Ivanova, the strong, And Delenn the wise. They could a be fables for all we know."
facefear.wav (76K) Lines of Communication
Sheridan, "You have a face, people trust."
Ivanova, "I would rather face, people fear."
Sheridan, "That too."
faithmag.wav (38K) Passing Through Gethsemane
Brother Theo, "Faith Manages."
faithstn.wav (116K) The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
Brother Alwin, "Faith sustains us, in the hour when reason tells us that we can not continue, that the whole of our lives is without meaning."
fallswrd.wav (92K) Falling Toward Apotheosis
Garibaldi, "Look, if you want me to fall on my sword for you. That's what I'm here for. Tell me what happens. Assuming he does just frag me, just for kicks."
falsgod.wav (284K) Believers
Franklin, "My god save us from false religion."
Sinclair, "What makes a religion false? If any religion is right then maybe they all have to be right. Maybe God doesn't care how you say your prayers, just as long as you say them."
Franklin, "What if there is no god at all?"
Sinclair, "Is that what you believe?"
Franklin, "I believe in saving lives. Without life the question is meaningless."
Sinclair, "But life has to be more then a pulse beat. What we hold Sacred gives our life meaning."
far2mfun.wav (32K)A Race Through Dark Places
Ivanova, "You having far to much fun at my expense."
fascsrus.wav (59K) Strange Relations
Lochley, "They are wanted on a variety of charges by the Psicorp"
Sheridan, "Also known as fascist our us."
Lochley, "Granted."
fashion.wav (20K) Voices of Authority
Garibaldi, "Garibaldi's fashion express, go."
fashsens.wav (40K) Atonement
Zack, "I mean no offense, but I have seen Vorlons with more fashion sense."
fastnzip.wav (17K) Babylon Squared
Garibaldi, "Mind if I ask you a question?"
Sinclair, "Sure"
Garibaldi, "Ok, it's morning. You're getting ready to go to work. You pull on your pants. Fasten then zip or zip and then Fasten?"
fathblnd.wav (45K) River of Souls
Soul Hunter, "Faith is good, but sometimes, faith is blind."
favpersn.wav (82K) Dust to Dust
Garibaldi, "I got your favorite person in the whole universe hanging on gold channel three. Figured you want to see this yourself. Open channel."
fcinbook.wav (96K) The Ragged Edge
G'kar, "If the book is holy and I am holy, then I must help you to become closer to thoughts of the Universe. Put your face in the book"
fcshdwft.wav (42K) Lines of Communication
Marcus, "I sooner face and entire shadow fleet, then what just walked passed us."
fdownway.wav (724K) Shadow Dancing
Sheridan, "You had to find your own way?"
Franklin, "I ran away. I realized that I always defined myself in terms of what I wasn't. I wasn't a good soldier, like my father. I wasn't ... the job. I wasn't a good prospect for marriage or kids. Always what I wasn't, never what I was. But when you do that, you miss the moments. And the moments are all we've got. When I thought I was going to die, even after everything, I realized I didn't want to let go. I was willing to do it all over again and this time I could appreciate the moments. I can't go back, but I can appreciate what I have right now, and I can define myself by what I am, instead of what I'm not."
Sheridan, "And what are you?"
Franklin, "Alive. Everything else is negotiable."
fear.wav (208K) Convictions
Sheridan, "What are you saying-"
Carlson, "Look around! These are CHAOTIC TIMES CAPTAIN! I am simply an instrument of my time. People need to understand fear. Do you understand fear?"
fearfool.wav (75K) A Call to Arms
Galen, "Fear makes wise men foolish. In my case, I can only hope it makes fools wise."
feelhapy.wav (67K) Interludes and Examinations
Londo, "I feel happy. I had almost forgotten what it was like."
feelings.wav (91K) TKO
Ivanova, "My feelings are my own. And how I display them...or's my choice."
female.wav (107K) Born to the Purple
Londo, "Gentlemen, of all things in life, are females not the finest?"
G'kar, "On that, Mollari, we can at least agree."
fghtcntr.wav (97K) Acts of Sacrifice
G'kar, "I was fighting the Centauri, when you were still a pouchling. Fighting for your freedom. I have spent my life and my blood trying to better the lives of our people. "
fiber.wav (108K) Moments of Transition
Bester, "Mr. Allen seems to be under a great deal of stress. I don't think he is eating right. Make sure he gets enough fiber. That's always important."
fight.wav (33K) Infection
Garibaldi, "Win, lose, or draw, this thing is going to know it was in a fight."
fight2.wav (183K) Eyes
Garibaldi, "I just want to talk with you. Be reasonable with you. Said a few choice passages from my favorite reading? As long as it takes?"
Ivanova, "You don't play fair. O.K., I surrender."
Garibaldi, "Oxide pills. Help you put yourself together."
Ivanova, "What, for my court martial?"
Garibaldi, "The Commander's last shot."
fighthem.wav (68K) Dust to Dust
Ivanova, "What am I supposed to do?"
Sheridan, "Fight them without becoming them."
filenum.wav (30K) Interludes and Examinations
B5 computer, "Awaiting file numbers for display."
findthem.wav (55K) Severed Dreams
Major Ryan, "And there's still some ships out there that have signed on with us. We have to find them."
findyou.wav (119K) Signs and Portents
Londo, "How will I can I find you to thank you?!"
Morden, "We will find you Ambassador. We will find you."
finshwrk.wav (612K) In the Beginning
Dukhat, "If you are seeing this message, it is because I am dead. I leave this in trust of the Vorlons to give to the right person at the right time. I ask you to trust them, as I have. They have come to us in secret to prepare for the coming war. They say we'll need allies. In particular, a race that is so far unknown to us, called Humans. If we have not already done so by now, it is my hope that we will work with the Vorlons to find these Humans and bring them into the battle on our side. The allies of the Shadows are gathering at Z'ha'dum. Their masters can not be far behind. They must be stopped. Finish the work, that I began. Finish it."
fire.wav (10K) The Long Road
Gideon, "Fire"
firstone.wav (724K) In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum
Delenn, "Not all of the First Ones have gone away. A few stayed behind, hidden or asleep, waiting for the day when they may be needed...when the Shadows come again."
Sheridan, "Shadows?"
Delenn, "We have no other name for them. The Shadows were old when even the Ancients were young. They battled one another over and over across a million years. The last great war against the Shadows was ten thousand years ago. It was the last time the Ancients walked openly among us. The Shadows were only defeated, not destroyed. A thousand years ago, the Shadows returned to their places of power, rebuilt them, and began to stretch forth their hand. Before they could strike, they were defeated by an alliance of worlds, including the Minbari... and the few remaining First Ones who had not yet passed beyond the Veil. When they had finished, the First Ones went away... all but one."
firwater.wav (224K) Racing the Night
Galen, "When you have reached the end of the road, then you can decide, whether to go to the left or to the right, to fire or water. If you make those decisions before you have even set foot upon the road, it will take you no where ... except to a bad end."
fishsong.wav (448K) The Parliament of Dreams
G'kar, "singing thinking of think and so many fishes left in the sea."
fixthing.wav (46K) Ceremonies of Light & Dark
Garibaldi, "Would somebody please fix this thing, before I go out of my mind."
flakyb5.wav (63K) Exogenesis
Garibaldi, "See people here get flaky sometimes Babylon 5 is like that. When you been around longer you'll understand."
fllwpath.wav (163K) Knives
Vir, "It's not too late to make some new choices."
Londo, "No. The blood is already on my hands. Right or Wrong, ... I must follow the path ... to its end."
floorwax.wav (102K) Infection
Garibaldi, "Have you ever tried one of these?"
ISN reporter, "What is it?"
Garibaldi, "I am not sure, according to the translator, it is either a an aphrodisiac or floor wax. I can't decide if it's worth the risk or not."
flt4narn.wav (115K) Midnight on the Firing Line
G'kar, "I will confess, that I look forward to the day when we have cleansed the universe of the Centauri and carved their bones into little flutes for Narn children. It is a dream I have."
flwnfire.wav (108K) Moments of Transition
Delenn, "Valen said will you follow me into fire? Will you?"
flyaroom.wav (36K) A Tragedy of Telepaths
Londo, "For my next trick, I shall fly around the room under my old power."
fmlydifc.wav (28K) A Tragedy of Telepaths
Bester, "What family does not have it difficulties?"
fmlytree.wav (87K) Epiphanies
Regent, "I always say, when you reduce a family tree to a family bush, you just can't hide as much beneath it."
fnlrfuge.wav (85K) Endgame
Marcus, "Back on Babylon 5, maybe they can help her. It is the final refuge for lost hopes. They must be something they can do."
folwfrnd.wav (41K) The Memory of War
Eilerson, "Where are you going?"
Gideon, "To follow a friend into hell."
foolfedr.wav (98K) Grail
Londo, "Fools to the left of me, feeders to the right. I need to find a real job."
foolish.wav(131K) Infection
NOTE: the clip has been doctored and the intervening lines removed.
Ivanova, "Na, I can believe we would be that stupid. Santayana, Those who don't remember past are condemned to repeated it. It seems no one reads Santayana anymore."
foolthng.wav (92K) Atonement
Dukhat, "When others do a foolish thing, you should tell them it is a foolish thing. They can still continue to do it, but at least the truth is where it needs to be."
footbutt.wav (51K) The Illusion Of Truth
Zack, "What your gonna have is my foot 16 inches up your butt, if you don't get the hell out of my way."
forgoten.wav (76K) Chrysalis
Kosh, "You have forgotten something."
forgvgod.wav (140K) The Path of Sorrows
Isabelle, "You must learn, one day, to forgive God for decisions. I'm sure it will greatly relieve him."
fragging.wav (125K) The long, Twilight Struggle
Delenn, "abso-fragging-lutely damn it. Since our last discussion, I have been be studying your use of language. Do you approve?"
Sheridan, "Well, we'll talk about that later."
franbytr.wav (574K) Voices in the Dark
Note: Richard Biggs (Dr. Franklin) died in May 2004.
Lochley, "Dr Franklin went with G'kar exploring beyond the rim"
frd4life.wav (135K) Ruling from the Tomb
Dureena, "It's easy to make friends in a bar. Buy them a drink, they're yours for life."
Trace, "Really? How many to make you my friend for life."
Dureena, "Oh, oh, Trace no."
Trace, "What?"
Dureena, "No!"
frglmomt.wav (608K) Passing through Gethsemane
Brother Edward, "On the night before our lord was crucified. He spent the night alone in the garden at Gethsemane. And he knew that they were going to come for him and in a moment of weakness he asked if this cup could pass for him. If he could be spared the pain and .. and death that would come with morning. And of course the cup would not pass and the soldiers would come to Gethsemane, but he did not have to be there when they arrived. He could have chosen to leave, to postpone the inevitable for a few hours or even days. He knew what would happen, but he choose to stay, to sacrifice himself and thus atone for the sin's of others. Very fragile human moment."
frigtenu.wav (288K) In the Kingdom of the Blind
Londo, "G'kar, I have been in the royal palace on and off for most of my life. Even when Cartagia was here, I never lost my affection for it. Tonight for the first time, I think it frightens me."
G'kar, "Frightens you? Well, I won't be getting any sleep tonight."
frmdelen.wav (57K) Shadow Dancing
Unamed Tech, "Captain, I have a message from Ambassador Delenn. She says she awaits your pleasure."
frmfutur.wav (117K) War without End I
Garibaldi, "So Ivanova, Want me to bring you back anything from the future? Some bagels, fresh milk?"
Ivanova, "How about the winning numbers of the New Vegas Lottery?"
frnch1s.wav (143K) Voices of Authority
First Ones, "Vorlons Tavutna Chog!"
Marcus, "I think you just hit a nerve. The Vorlons must owe them money or something."
Ivanova, "At least it tells us that they understand our language. They are just not willing to speak to us in it."
Marcus, "Who knew they were French. Sorry."
frndnarn.wav (125K) What Ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
Marcus, "So, why are you doing this?"
G'kar, "He's my friend. I never had a friend before who wasn't a Narn."
frnkneed.wav (199K) Shadow Dancing
Garibaldi, "I just hope you found what you were looking for out there."
Franklin, "I don't know. I guess I found what I needed, not what I wanted."
Garibaldi, "Which was?"
Franklin, "Short, sharp, kick to the head."
Garibaldi, "Well, hell, I could have done that for you. All you had to do was ask."
Franklin, "Yea, well you would have enjoyed it to much."
frshlffm.wav (82K) The Well of Forever
Dureena, "So, what happened up here?"
Gideon, "Oh, nothing major, just few pesky life forms getting fresh with my ship."
fstandby.wav (20K)
B5 computer, "Stand by."
fstrloyl.wav (3,968K) Legend of the Rangers
G'kar, "I've met very few who can foster that kind of loyalty. One in particular comes to mind. Stubborn, difficult, fractious, annoying, independent and willful. "
Grey council leader, "And what happened to him?"
G'kar, "He became the president of this alliance, of which the Anla Shok is part."
fthmags1.wav (26K) Confessions and Lamentations
Delenn, "Faith manages."
fthmags2.wav (28K) Confessions and Lamentations
Lennier, "Faith manages."
fuelinjt.wav (77K) Eyes
Lennier, "Ah, Mr. Garibaldi. I was just about to embark on the mysteries of the fuel injection system. Would you care to join me?"
fulldecn.wav (140K) Appearances and Other Deceits
Chambers, "And you, I want you to go through full decontamination procedures, before you come out of there, including body cavity decon. Maybe we'll get lucky and find out where your copy of Med. lab regulations went."
fulnstim.wav (17K) Racing the Night
Galen, "In the fullness of time."
funarchg.wav (68K) War Zone
Eilerson, "That's the fun part about being an archeologist, Sam. The present constantly getting in the way of exploring the past."
fusinsys.wav (157K) Z'ha'dum
WhiteStar Computer, " (Several beeps, White star sounds) Thermal fusion systems armed for detonation."
fusnract.wav (114K) Chrysalis
Londo, "(sigh) I think I will stick my head in the stations fusion's reactor. It would be quicker and I suspect after a while I might even come to enjoy it."