Sound files starting with G

g-family.wav (236K) The Memory of War
Galen, "Look Matthew. To those of us in my order, another technomage is the only family we have. Then after I was asked to leave the order as a penalty for having to much contact with the outside, I came to rely on you and on the others and on this place. Perhaps more than I should have."
galxybrn.wav (173K) Interludes and Examinations
Londo, "Give me this and the safety of my people and let the rest of the Galaxy burn. I don't care anymore."
gar-mar1.wav (170K) The Exercise of Vital Powers
Garibaldi, "Mars. I can't be I am back on Mars. Three times before this place almost killed me. I swore I would never give it the change to finish the job. Humans got no business being here, no business at all."
gar-mar2.wav (460K) The Exercise of Vital Powers
Garibaldi, "Mars. Three times before this place almost killed me and now I've finally finished the job. I can't feel anything anymore. I don't know what I care about anymore, except lise. I screwed up both our lives pretty good. Now I get to make up for it. Assuming any of can make up for anything we have done in the past. Maybe we can't. Maybe we just have to live with it and get on with it and do what we have to, never what we want to. It has to be done I hope he can see that some day."
gar-mono.wav (552K) The Exercise of Vital Powers
Garibaldi, "Personal Log, Michael Garibaldi. It's started. They are really doing it. This is what I was afraid would happen. But it has been coming for a long time, ever since Sheridan got back. Before he went to Z'ha'dum, he never would have gone up his own, our own government like this. I don't know. Maybe he thinks he is Alexander the great. Maybe he thinks he is John the Baptist and maybe he wants to take over the whole operation for himself. That's the part that worries me. That's the part that made me come back here. Mars. I can't be I am back on Mars. Three times before this place almost killed me. I swore I would never give it the change to finish the job. Humans got no business being here, no business at all."
garbdang.wav (78K) Phoenix Rising
Sheridan, "There is only one thing more dangerous then Mr. Garibaldi when he is loud, when he is dead silent."
garbdwho.wav (199K) What Ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
Emperor Cartagia, "And have you got anything to say?"
G'kar, "Do you happen to know where Mr. Garibaldi might be?"
Emperor Cartagia, "Who?"
garbgdby.wav (764K) Objects in Motion
Garibaldi, "It's just that my family, my ... my mom and dad pasted away a long, long time ago. The two of you, and Stephen, G'kar, hell even Londo, you the closest thing I've had to a family. You know, I ... I thought I would never make it out of here alive, I figured I whined face down in brown sector. I'm glad it did not happen. Cause now, I have ... have a chance to have a family of my own. Maybe I can find a little happiness. I have the ... the two of you to thank for that, more than anyone else in the world and ... I ... don't ... I don't have the words. I wish G'kar was here, because he would know what to say."
Sheridan, "Uh, you did just fine Michael."
garbrite.wav (42K) The Paragon of Animals
Sheridan, "Garibaldi was right."
Delenn, "I know. I hate it when he is right."
gassmile.wav (117K) Each Night I dream of Home
Matheson, "You're smiling."
Gideon, "No, I'm not."
Matheson, "With respect sir ..."
Gideon, "It's gas. Look who are you going to believe, me or my face."
gblsurnms.wav (52K) Revelations
G'kar, "G'kan bless your names. You will be remembered with honor."
gdbylenir.wav (1,161K) Objects at Rest
Lennier, "There is nothing to be done. I have already done enough damage. I only wanted to call to tel you ... that I am so sorry for what happened. I never meant him any harm. I never intended for this to happen. It just happened. And, I cannot ask you to forgive me, because I know I will never forgive myself. I only wanted to call to tell you ... one last time ... that I'm so sorry ... and I'm going away. I must consider what I've done ... decide who and what I am. I need to be somewhere else until I can find a way to redeem myself in your eyes ... however long that may take."
Delenn, "Lennier ..."
Lennier, "When you see ... your husband, please tell him that ... I'm sorry. I would tell him myself, but ... I'm too ashamed."
Delenn, "Don't do this, Lennier. I cannot imagine a life without you in it."
Lennier, "That is unnecessary. While I'm no longer sure of a great many things, there's one thing I do know with absolute certainy. We will meet again, Delenn. And on that day, though I know I will ... never earn your love ... I will earn your forgiveness. Until then, if you would, honor my memory ... and be happy. For my sake ... and for his."
gddrfrnd.wav (26K) Knives
Londo, "My good and dear friend."
gddy2die.wav (681K) Legend of the Rangers
Sara, "Today's a good day to die."
David, "Oh, with you, every day is good day to die."
gdhvfrnd.wav (96K) Acts of Sacrifice
Londo, "It is good to have friends, is it not Mr. Garibaldi, even if only for a little while?"
gdideatm.wav (162K) Mind War
Catherine Saki, "Why?"
G'kar, "Why not."
Catherine Saki, "Not an answer..."
G'kar, "Oh, yes it is. It simply not an answer you like or an answer you expected. There is a difference. Narns, Humans, Centauri, we all do what we do for the same reason, because it seemed like a good idea at the time."
gdnghtlv.wav (260K) Sleeping in Light
Sheridan, "Good night, my love, the brightest star in my sky."
Delenn, "Good night, you, my sky, and my sun, and my moon."
gdujonus.wav (33K) Epiphanies
Sheridan, "Mr. Garibaldi, good of you to join us at last."
genepol2.wav (216K) Moments of Transition
Bester, "Humanity is my business. Marley to Scrooge... Dicksons... A Christmas Carol. Well, it's good to see that are continuing the fine tradition of hiring for the shallow end of the gene pool."
gethelut.wav (30K) The Hour of the Wolf
Lennier, "Initiating... getting the hell out of here."
gethobby.wav (177K) The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari
Vir, "I don't believe this. What is it with this place? I mean last week, someone tried to assassinate Sheridan, now someone tries to poison Londo. God. What is wrong with you people?! Don't you have anything better to do?!"
Garibaldi, "Vir."
Vir, "Why don't you get a hobby?! Read a book or something!"
Garibaldi, "Vir!"
Vir, "What?!"
getoutgl.wav (39K) Into the Fire
Sheridan, "Now get the hell out of our galaxy, both of you!"
getouthr.wav (25K) Strange Relations
Lochley, "Good, good. I can't wait to get them out here."
getsleep.wav (81K) Rising Star
Garibaldi, "The sun is almost coming up, I have got to get some ... sleep ... eventually. (lise laughs)"
gftrcrnt.wav (87K) Patterns of the Soul
Gideon, "As far as Earthforce is concerned, you'll all dead. Consider it the gift of reincarnation."
givewayg.wav (22K) Born to the Purple
G'kar, "Just don't give away the homeworld."
givewayl.wav (54K) Born to the Purple
Londo, "And Vir!"
Vir, "Yes, Sir?"
Londo, "Don't give away the homeworld!"
givitway.wav (300K) Day of the Dead
Londo, "I am to be emperor. I am the savior of our people. But ... I think I would give it all away, to have you back, to have you beside me."
Adria, "Oh Londo, my darling."
gkar.wav (44K) Wheel of Fire
Narns, "G'kar! G'kar! G'kar! G'kar G'kar!"
gkarbytr.wav (894K) Voices in the Dark
Note: Andreas Katsulas (G'kar, he will always be G'kar to me) died in February 2006.
ISN Reporter, "And Citizen G'kar?"
Sheridan, "He's out there somewhere ... beyond the rim."
gkardo.wav (42K) Point of No Return
Ivanova, "G'kar, what are you doing here?"
G'kar, "Saving all of us."
gkarentr.wav (38K) No Surrender, No Retreat
G'kar, "(door bell) Enter"
gkargbby.wav (416K) And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
G'kar, "Good bye Delenn."
Delenn, "G'kar, I have I ever told you that you are finest writers that I have every met? And that it has been an honor to work beside you on the alliance."
G'kar, "Not in words, but the thing about losing one eye is that makes you look deeply into the eyes of another. I found in yours all the thanks, I will every require in this life or in any other."
gkargdby.wav (728K) Objects in Motion
G'kar, "You see ... I ... I believe that when we leave a place part of it goes with us and part of us remains. Go any where in this station when it is quiet and just listen. After a while you will hear the echoes of all our conversations, every thought and word we've exchanged. Long after we are gone, our voices will linger in these walls for as long as this place remains. But I will admit that the part of me is going, very much miss the part of you that is staying."
Sheridan, "You take care of yourself out there old friend. Maybe we will meet up again down the road a ways."
G'kar, "Maybe so."
gkarplsr.wav (57K) Soul Mates
Lady Mariel, "G'kar a pleasure as always."
gkarsing.wav (161K) Convictions
G'kar, "(sings) Not many fishes left in the sea. Not many fishes just Londo and me."
gkburden.wav (92K) And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
Londo, "No, he is still here as my bodyguard, that's all. Where I go he goes."
Centauri Minister, "My condolence."
G'kar, "Thank you. It's a burden, but I have come to accept it."
glaughno.wav (33K) Convictions
G'kar is laughing through the quote.
Londo, "We must work together."
G'kar, "No."
gldchnl1.wav (27K) A Call to Arms
Lochley, "Activate gold channel one."
gntplygd.wav (23K) The Long Night
Sheridan, "Giants in the playground"
gntsplgd.wav (26K) The Long Night
Sheridan, "Giants in the Playground."
go.wav (116K) Hunter, Prey
Kosh, " No, you do not understand. Go."
go2hell2.wav (74K) Midnight on the Firing Line
Londo, "And you ... you can go to hell too. I won't want you to feel left out."
go2trap.wav (73K) Z'ha'dum
Sheridan, "This is about more than what I want. So I'm going, even though I know it is almost certainly a trap."
go4awalk.wav (71K) ThirdSpace
Zack, "You were trying to open up the air locks, now why?"
Deuce, "I was going to go for a walk."
goaway.wav (18K) Rising Star
Ivanova, "I said go away!"
gobcktim.wav (69K) The Long Dark
G'kar, "Take my advice and go back to the time you came from. The future isn't what is used to be."
gobempr.wav (44K) Rising Star
Vir, "You going to be Emperor, Londo. Isn't that wonderful?"
godbyamb.wav (49K) Born to the Purple
Adria, "Good bye, my ambassador."
godfrust.wav (32K) The Hour of the Wolf
Zack, "It's sort of the Egyptian god of frustration."
godknock.wav (71K) And the Rock Cried out, No Hiding Place
Preacher, "When God comes knocking at your door, you won't need me or anyone else to tell you what that sound is."
godpuzle.wav (320K) Wheel of Fire
Franklin, "Can God make a rock so big, that even he can't lift it?"
G'kar, "Yes, I've heard it, but ..."
Franklin, "What if that is the wrong question. Wonder if the right question is, can God create a puzzle so difficult, a riddle so complex, that even he can't solve it. What if that's us? Maybe a problem like this, is God's way of doing to us, a little of what we do to us."
godvoice.wav (193K) Rising Star
Ivanova, "Then I heard this voice coming from far away saying, I love you. And then I thought, is this God? This is God, I mean He really did have an English accent, just like in those old movies."
godwas.wav (39K) Eyes
Garibaldi, "If I knew who god was, I would thank her."
gon2bbad.wav (70K) Darkness Ascending
Londo, "Oh, I don't like this. I don't like this at all. This is going to be bad."
gon2hell.wav (90K) Point of No Return
Lt. Gen. O'Reily, "(message from Hag) Everything's gone to hell John. God help us all. You're on your own."
goncplce.wav (20K) Between the Darkness and the Light
Franklin, "Why can't we every go any place nice."
gonebe4.wav (44K) Voices of Authority
Ivanova, "Good luck Captain. I think you are about to go, where everyone has gone before."
gonow.wav (82K) In the Kingdom of the Blind
Regent, "We will speak one more time, before the end. Go now!"
good.wav (22K) Grail
Kosh, "Good."
goodbye.wav (16K) War Without End I
Sinclair, "Good bye, old friend."
goodeven.wav (23K) Day of the Dead
Morden, "Good evening, Ranger Lennier."
goodgrdg.wav (49K) The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father
Zack, "Yea, they told me, but I never let the facts in the way of a good grudge."
goodluck.wav (468K) Points of Departure
Sheridan, "It was an early earth president, Abraham Lincoln, who best described our situation: The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate for the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise to the occasion. We can not escape history. We will be remembered, in spite of ourselves. The fiery trial through which we pass will light us down in honor or dishonor, to the last generation. We shall nobly save, or meanly lose our last best hope."
goodmad.wav (76K) Darkness Ascending
Sheridan, "Oh, damn it Delenn. I have been working up a good mad all day and I am not about to let you undercut it by agreeing with me."
goodntnt.wav (128K) Epiphanies
G'kar, "If you confront the universe with good intentions in your heart. It will reflect that and reward your intent. Usually. It just doesn't always do it in the way you expect."
goodshap.wav (45K) A Call to Arms
Captian Anderson, "And what does the phrase good shape mean on the planet where you live."
gotitin1.wav (26K) Ship of Tears
Bester, "Got it in one, Mr. Garibaldi."
gotohell.wav (70K) Comes the Inquisitor
Sheridan, "Go to Hell!"
Sebastian, "This is hell captian and you are it's chief damned soul."
greatbig.wav (108K) Rumors, Bargains and Lies
Londo, "The Maker has gifted us with great big eyes and great big scanners and great big uh ... Well that is no concern of yours "
greatday.wav (134K) Ship of Tears
G'kar, "I am honored to be among them. This is a great day, a very great day indeed."
greatwar.wav (248K) The long, Twilight Struggle
Delenn, "You see what is happening all around us. The great war is nearly upon us. Now that the Narn and Centauri conflict is finished, the next wave will come soon and more deadly. The must be one fortress of light to stand against the darkness. That place is this place, it must be protected at any cost."
greeting.wav (17K) The Gathering, Pilot
Kosh, "Greetings commander."
greeting1.wav (37K) Promotion sound
Sheridan, "This is Captain John Sheridan. Greetings from Babylon 5."
gretadvt.wav (79K) War Without End I
Sheridan, "Well, when I joined Earthforce the sign said, greatest adventure of all. If they only knew."
gretcmdr.wav (47K) Midnight on the Firing Line
Kosh, "Greetings Commander."
gretmake.wav (19K) The Long, Twilight Struggle
Londo, "Great Maker"
gretruth.wav (135K) Learning Curve
Turval, "Here is the greatest truth, I know. You death Rastenn, will have a meaning, if comes while you are in fullest pursuit of your heart."
greycncl.wav (544K) Babylon Squared
Delenn, "Summoned I come. In Valen's name I take the place that has been prepared for me. I am gray. I stand between the candle and the star. We are gray. We stand between the darkness and the light"
grnprple.wav (39K) The Geometry of Shadows
Drazi, "Green. Purple."
growback.wav (97K) Racing Mars
Captian Jack, "The damn thing of it is, they grow back. They always grow back."
grttnmsg.wav (236K) The Ragged Edge
G'kar, "I worry, Ta'lon, that my shadow may become greater than the message."
Ta'lon, "If that happens, I give you my word, that I will personally kill you."
G'kar, "This is supposed to put my mind at ease?"
Ta'lon, "I am a warrior, it's what I have to give."
grumpy.wav (75K) Endgame
Garibaldi, "This is Grumpy to Snow White, I've got the coordinates for the wicked Queens castle. We are in position. You can break the mirror any time you want. Stand by to receive."
gtlfpods.wav (96K) No Surrender, No Retreat
Sheridan, "Get to the life pods, get to the life pods! (explosion)"
gtmyscrm.wav (88K) The Summoning
Emperor Cartagia, "I know, I made a present of him to you, Mollari, but if I don't get my scream, he'll have to be killed. You do understand, don't you?"
gunarray.wav (74K) Deathwalker
Ivanova, "Our gunner arrays are now fixed on you ship. They will fire the instant you come into range. You will find their power quite impressive for a few seconds."
gunoline.wav (16K) Racing the Night
Gideon, "Bring the main guns on line."
gunpoint.wav (76K) By Any Means Necessary
Sinclair, "You should never hand someone a gun, unless you are sure where they'll point it. Your mistake. (people cheering)"
gunshot.wav (43K) Atonement
Franklin, "Marcus, this is the kind of conversation that can only end in a gun shot."
gvdgbdnm.wav (345K) Day of the Dead
Morden, "Come on, you won't get there by walking. The other side of that corridor is over two hundred million light years away. The air is spread a little thinly in the middle. You think there is any coffee in this place?"
Lennier, "Why did you help me? I know what kind of man you were?"
Morden, "Give a dog a bad name and you can hang him with it. You should listen to everything Sheridan tells you. Actually, I'm surprised he is not here tonight, since he died at Z'ha'dum. Is there any coffee here or not? Suit yourself."
gvinlayr.wav (90K) River of Souls
Zack, "Oh come on. We have faced shadows, invasions, and attacks on this station and now we are going to give into lawyers. agh.."