Sound files starting with J

jeopardy.wav (55K) And Now for a Word
G'kar, "We are already in far greater jeopardy, than you can imagine."
jhadurdw.wav (97K) Deathwalker
Sinclair, "Who are you?"
Jha'dur, "I am war master Jha'dur of the Dilgar."
Sinclair, "Deathwalker?"
Jha'dur, "So they called me."
jinxit.wav (46K) Into the Fire
Marcus, "Did we just win?"
Ivanova, "Don't jinx it."
jkprophc.wav (25K) Point of No Return
Lady Morella, "We do not joke in the face of prophecy."
jmgtonln.wav (27K) All Alone in the Night
Corwin, "Jump gate on line"
jmpearth.wav (77K) Endgame
Sheridan, "All ships stand by to jump, target earth beacon one one six two Niner."
jmpgtact.wav (62K) DeathWalker
B5 computer, "(Several beeps) Jump gate activated."
jmpmouth.wav (103K) Dust to Dust
Bester, "I'm sorry. I did I say something? That happens sometimes, when I feel strong emotions from two feet in front of me. It just jumps out of my mouth before I can stop it."
john.wav (17K) Endgame
Delenn, "(almost washed out by the music) John!"
johnwife.wav (76K) Shadow Dancing
Anna Sheridan, "Hello. You must be Delenn. I'm Anna Sheridan, John's wife!"
joynoise.wav (73K) And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place
Brother Theo, "That is not what the good Lord had in mind when he said a joyful noise."
Ivanova, "Hello!"
Brother Theo, "Neither is that."
jsfyslef.wav (43K) And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
Garibaldi, "Why the hell am I justifying myself to you. To you!"
jstdispr.wav (130K) Matters of Honor
Mr. Endowi, "Why would they just disappear for a thousand years?"
G'kar, "To all things there is a time, Mr. Endowi, perhaps this is theirs."
jump1.wav (460K) Promotion sound
This wav file is from the limited edition CD and is in stereo. This is the opening of a jumpgate.
jump2.wav (344K) Promotion sound
This wav file is from the limited edition CD and is in stereo. This is the closing of a jumpgate.
jump2b5.wav (44K) Revelations
G'kar, "Set jumpgate sequence, Destination Babylon 5."
jumpgate.wav (34K) A Voice in the Wilderness I
Corwin, "We've got a ship coming through the jump gate."
Tech 1, "Mr. Garibaldi, it's big."
jumpnow.wav (54K) Z'ha'dum
Kosh, "Jump! Jump now!"
justdoit.wav (11K) Survivors
Garibaldi, "Just do it!"
justgas.wav (25K) Exogenesis
Marcus, "Ignore the moans, it's just gas."
justin.wav (476K) Z'ha'Dum
Sheridan, "Who are you?!"
Justion, "Who decides that the work day is from nine to five, instead of eleven to four? Who decides that the hem lines will be below the knee this year and short again next year? Who draws up the borders, controls the currency, handles all of the decisions that happen transparently around us?"
Sheridan, "I don't know."
Justion, "Awgh, I am with them. Same group, different department. Think of me as a sort of middle man. And the name is Justin."