Sound files starting with L

ladylake.wav (45K) A Late Delivery From Avalon
Arthur, "I must return Excaliber to the Lady of the Lake."
largfile.wav (82K) The Gathering, Pilot
Delenn, "Do you not have files on the Vorlons?"
Sinclair, "Absolutely. Very large files. There is nothing in them, of course."
lastbatl.wav (1,366K) In the Beginning
President, "This is ... This is the president. I have just been informed that our midrange military bases at beta derony and promixa three have fallen to the Minbari advance. We have lost contact with Io and must conclude that they to have fallen to an advanced force. Our military intelligence believes that Minbari intend to by pass Mars and hit Earth directly and the attack may come at any time. We have continued to broadcast our surrender and a plea for mercy and they have not responded. We therefore can only conclude that we stand at the twilight of the Human race. In order to buy more time for our evacuation transports to leave Earth, we ask for support of every ship capable of fighting, to take part in a defense of our homeworld. We will not lie to you. We do not believe survival is a possibility. We believe that anyone who joins this battle, will never come home again. But for every ten minutes, we can delay the military advance, several hundred more civilians may have a chance to escape to neutral territory. Though Earth may fall, the Human race must have a chance to continue else where. No greater sacrifice has every been asked of a people, but I ask you now, to step forward one last time. One last battle to hold the line against the night! May God go with you all."
lastchice.wav (95K) Racing the Night
Gideon, "The last choice was not a good one."
Apocolypse Box, "Things changed. Long time ago. "
lastivan.wav (272K) Rising Star
ISN reporter, "In related Babylon 5 news. In one of last acts as last acts as an officer in Earthforce, Captain John Sheridan promoted Susan Ivanova to the rank of full captain. Siting the death of a close friend and other personal reasons, Captain Ivanova has asked for and received a transfer to one of the new warlock class destroyers for a one year shake down cruise. In a statement issued a few hours ago, Captain Ivanova, said only that I to decide were my heart belongs before the rest of me can follow."
lastrite.wav (288K) The Well of Forever
Galen, "Care no more to cloth and eat. To thee the reed as is the old. The scepter, learning, ? must, all follow this and come to dust. All lovers young, all lovers must consign to thee and come to dust."
lastthng.wav (724K) Movements of Fire and Shadow
Regent, "And there was something else they told me to do. And I did it, just a few moments before I came to see you. The last thing, I will ever have to do for them. In a way, I am glad it's over."
Londo, "What did they ask you to do?"
Regent, "To send away all the ships guarding Centuari ... Prime on false emergency and turn off the planetary defense network."
Londo, "No!"
Regent, "I think I'll stay and watch from here. The sky should be lighting up any time now. I imagine it will be quite beautiful."
Londo, "NO!"
lastxon.wav (92K) The Parliament of Dreams
Londo, "Do you know what the last Xon said just before he died? Awgh!"
Vir & Londo, Laughing.
latepfc.wav (52K) Day of the Dead
Garibaldi, "This is PFC, late PFC."
Dodger, "Darmen Elizabeth, 56927, killed in action, sir!"
latilong.wav (184K) Endgame
Franklin, "Well ... uh .... I assume you worked out that whole longitude latitude thing? I know you get confused sometimes."
Garibaldi, "Your right, your right. I kept mixing them up. I got it right! Well, I think I got it right. Ok, fine. Which goes vertically, longitude or latitude?"
launchng.wav (23K) Knives
Corwin, "Delta 1 is launching."
lckchain.wav (57K) No Surrender, No Retreat
G'kar, "I apologize for the lack of chains. The cleaning service must have removed them."
lctdmilb.wav (58K) The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
Garibaldi, "This little lab of yours. This is by chance located on a military base is it?"
ld-wtwnt.wav (16K) In the Beginning
Londo, "What do you want?"
ld-yesno.wav (16K) The Geometry of Shadows
Londo, "Yes or no?"
ldsremno.wav (16K) Movements of Fire and Shadow
Londo, "(screams) NO!"
leakthot.wav (28K) Dust to Dust
Bester, "You thoughts are leaking all over the place."
leavenow.wav (135K) Signs and Portents
Kosh, "Leave this place, they are not for you. Go. Leave, Now!"
leavspac.wav (165K) Darkness Ascending
Lise, "You're not making any sense."
Garibaldi, "I want you to get out of this part of space and back home just as fast as you can. Because baring an act of God and since I don't believe in God, that kind of narrows the odds a bit. By this time tomorrow, we're gonna be at war with the Centauri."
legends.wav (193K) Hunter, Prey
Kosh,"I will teach you."
Sheridan," About yourself?"
Kosh,"About you. Until you are ready."
Sheridan,"For what?"
Kosh,"To fight legends.
lennier.wav (288K) Rumors, Bargains and Lies
Neroon, "He means a great deal to you, doesn't he? (Lennier)"
Delenn, "I have been training him as Dukhat trained me. He has been a light upon my foot steps, never asking only giving. Without him, I would stumble and fall and never get up again."
lernexpr.wav (184K) Thirdspace
Sheridan, "Yea, well, maybe it is a learning experience for you."
Dr. Trent, "If it is, it's a hell of a painful one."
Sheridan, "Ain't no other kind, Dr. Trent."
lesson1.wav (27K) The Ragged Edge
Ta'lon, "There is lesson number one."
letmedie.wav (236K) River of Souls
Soul, "They came for us. They took us away. They had no right! Let me go back to sleep. Let me die."
letmpass.wav (189K) Midnight on the Firing Line
Kosh, "They are dying people. We should let them pass."
Sinclair, "Who, the Narn or the Centauri?"
Kosh, "Yes."
letudie.wav (70K) Comes the Inquisitor
Sebastian, "Then you must risk everything on the premise that the universe will not let you die."
lfgunbhd.wav (49K) The Fall of Centauri Prime
Sheridan, "The giants have left the playground, but they left their guns behind."
lfischng.wav (44K) Wheel of Fire
Lise, "Life is change. It's a good thing."
lflodspt.wav (181K) Voices in the Dark
Sheridan, "Life's full of disappointments."
lgdragon.wav (125K) Racing Mars
Marcus, "Pretend there is a very dragon on the other side of the cargo side and if you pass this point."
Captain Jack, "hum"
Marcus, "It will eat you."
lghselvs.wav (174K) Meditations on the Abyss
G'kar, "But we can't be free, till we learn to laugh at ourselves. Once you look in the mirror and see just how foolish we can be. Laughter is inevitable. And from laughter comes wisdom."
libmedia.wav (76K) Between the Darkness and the Light
Security Guard, "I don't watch TV. It's a cultural wasteland filled with inappropriate metaphors and an unrealistic portrayal of life created by the liberal media elite."
librattd.wav (77K) Phoenix Rising
Bester, "Even the President, despite his liberal attitudes, knows you can't let killers get away."
lientrth.wav (56K) Point of No Return
Sheridan, "Always plant a lie inside the truth. It makes it easier to swallow."
liepoltc.wav (85K) The Needs of Earth
Gideon, "Do you do this a lot, lie to protect his ego?"
Nix, "All the time. It's politics and self preservation."
Gideon, "Understood."
lies.wav (208K) And the sky full of Stars
Garibaldi, "He lying, I can tell"
Sinclair, "Everyone lies Michael, the innocent lie because they don't want to be blamed for something they did not do. The guilty lie because they don't have any other choice. Find out why he is lying and the rest will take care of it's self."
liesuesb.wav (151K) Between the Darkness and the Light
Lyta, "Ah, I don't like what I am hearing here. I am not a great liar. I am terrible liar. I don't know who been saying this things, but I want to know when we get back, I am going to sue somebody. I don't who and I don't know how, but by God I am going to sue somebody!"
lifegoon.wav (56K) Each Night I Dream of Home
Gideon, "Life goes on."
Matheson, "Indeed it does."
lifeover.wav (332K) War Without End II
Londo, "My life is almost over. My world, all I hoped for, gone. You two are my last chance, for this place, for my people, for my own redemption."
lifepods.wav (264K) Severed Dreams
Major Ryan, "Heroshi. Get out of there. Get to the life pods."
Heroshi, "To late to get out. Our primary systems are hit. We got fire on all decks now. There is nothing we can except ..."
Ryan, "Heroshi. Heroshi!"
And about 10 seconds of music as the ship rams the enemy destroyer.
lifepres.wav (16K) Hunter, Prey
Ivanova, "Are there any life forms present?"
linkhack.wav (127K) Objects in Motion
B5 Computer, "Unable to respond, system locked locked DNA system Unable to respond identification sequence does not match unable to respond system locked identification. (beep)"
listed.wav (32K) Passing Through Gethsemane
B5 computer, "Scanning files from listed data."
listento.wav (66K) Deathwalker
Kosh, "Then listen to the music and not the song."
litbitdec.wav (118K) Darkness Ascending
Lyta, "I have decided there are a lot of things I can do, that I did not think I could before. But this. (sigh) There is still a little bit of decency left in my G'kar."
litbrech.wav (49K) The Gathering, Pilot
Garibaldi, "Commander, this little breach of security isn't going to affect my Christmas bonus, is it?"
litebulb.wav (160K) A Race Through Dark Places
Sheridan"How many Minbari does it take to screw in a light bulb?"
Ivanova,"I don't sir, How many Minbari does it take to screw in a light bulb?"
Sheridan"None. They always surrender right before they finish the job and they never tell you why." and laughs
literon.wav (1,153K) Voices in the Dark
Lochley, "I'm here, because this is my home now and because when the darkness comes, it's good to know you are standing in the one place where the lights are always on."
liv10mts.wav (63K) A Call to Arms
Garibaldi, "You get to live another ten minutes, Drake."
Drake, "Yes, sir, thank you sir."
live4evr.wav (74K) Shadow Dancing
Ivanova, "Well, who wants to live forever?"
Marcus, "I do actually, but what the hell."
livngfor.wav (888K) What Ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
Lorien, "It's easy to find something worth dying for. Do you anything worth living for?"
Sheridan, "I can't see you anymore."
Lorien, "As it should be."
Sheridan, "If I fall, how will I know if you'll caught me?"
Lorien, "I caught you before."
Sheridan, "If I die?"
Lorien, "I can not create life, but I can breath on the remaining embers. It may not work."
Sheridan, "But I can hope."
Lorien, "Hope is all we have. Do you have anything worth living for?"
Delenn, "Sleep now and I will watch and caught you if you fall."
Sheridan, "Delenn!"
and about 10 seconds of music.
livnggod.wav (62K) The Hour of the Wolf
Emperor Cartagia, "What are a few million lives compared to the glory of becoming a living God!"
lkangels.wav (99K) A View from the Gallery
Mack, "Is that amazing or what? I mean, they look like angels swooping in, out of the sky."
Bo, "I thought you said they look like plucked chicken."
mack, "So now, right now they don't."
lkbgsafe.wav (220K) A Call to Arms
Galen, "We came to this place during the shadow war, to prevent our secrets from falling into the wrong hands. And though the war is over, our leaders are in no hurry to return. So, we will continue hiding for a bit longer. Twenty, thirty more years, just to be safe. They like being safe."
lkchcken.wav (91K) A View from the Gallery
Bo, "That the joke. Whenever you eat something strange and someone ask what's it taste like, you supposed to say chicken. It's funny that way."
Mack, "It doesn't taste like chicken."
lkshplif.wav (67K) A Distant Star
Sheridan, "Take a good look people. If you are supremely lucky, you may see two ships like her in your lifetime."
lnchwgot.wav (16K) The Fall of Night
Sheridan, "Launch everything we've got!"
lndnaked.wav (38K) No Compromises
Sheridan, "no desire to be struck blind by the sight of Londo naked."
lndthrtr.wav (105K) A Voice in the Wilderness II
Londo, "landing thrusters. Landing thrusters. (sigh) If I were a landing thruster, which one of these would I be?"
localspc.wav (21K) The Parliament of Dreams
B5 computer, "Now entering local space."
logoffnw.wav (14K) Exogenesis
Corwin, "Logging off for now."
lokmiror.wav (135K) The Long Night
Vir, "(drunk) How much more before I can look in the mirror and not see myself? Because I kept looking and I'm always there."
loknmirr.wav (122K) Ruling from the Tomb
Gideon, "You are the most double talking, suspicious, second guessing, individual, I've ever seen, since the last time I looked in a mirror."
Lochley, "I guess that's why we make such a good team."
londokil.wav (312K) The Long Night
Londo, "Time enough for him to stagger back into main room and cry out, Londo killed me. hum? Or maybe just enough time for him to say, Londo kill awgh."
Vir, "And then he won't even get that out, he just maybe go Lond... awgh. Or maybe just be totally delirious and say even thing backwards and say kill Londo awgh."
londoyes.wav (30K) Ceremonies of Light & Dark
Londo, "Yes."
longroad.wav (157K) A Call to Arms
Galen, "Show me the way. The long road, but then it always is a long road, isn't it."
lookcrap.wav (51K) The Ragged Edge
Zack, "You OK? You look like crap."
Garibaldi, "Why thank you Zack, I think you look pretty cute too."
loosnupc.wav (74K) The Parliament of Dreams
Londo, "Oh come on, commander. Loosen up. You supposed to enjoy yourself."
lordkiro.wav (80K) Signs and Portents
Lady Ladira, "The Shadows have come for Lord Kiro. The Shadows have come for us all."
lorien3.mp3 (397K) What Ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
This is a mix sound, but only in the respect of getting the cleanest version of this as possible. By V. Formosa
Lorien, "Step into the abyss ... and let go."
Sheridan, "It's getting darker."
Lorien, "I know ... you're close friend, very close. It's easy to find something worth dying for, do you have anything worth living for?
Sheridan, "I can't see you anymore."
Lorien, "As it should be."
Sheridan, "What if I fall? How do I know if you'll catch me?"
Lorien, "I caught you before."
Sheridan, "If I die?"
Lorien, "I cannot create life ... but I can breathe on the remaining embers. It may not work."
Sheridan, "But I can hope."
Lorien, "Hope ... is all we have. [musical interlude] Do you have anything worth living for?
Delenn, "Sleep now, I will watch and catch you if you should fall."
Sheridan, "Delenn!"
lose.wav (58K) Convictions
Carlson, "The way I see it, I've got nothing to lose, and you've got everything to lose."
lotships.wav (51K) Shadow Dancing
Ivanova, "That's a lot of ships."
Marcus, "That's a bloody awful lot of ships."
lovebat1.wav (42K) River of Souls
Love Bat, "I love you. I forgive you."
lovebat2.wav (162K) River of Souls
Love Bat, "I'm idiot. I'm a loser. No one likes me. My mommy dresses me funny."
lovemarg.wav (44K) The War Prayer
Londo, "Love!? What does love have to do with marriage?!"
lovesurp.wav (232K) Voices of Authority
Draal, "I don't like surprises."
Ivanova, "Really!? I love them myself. To me everything is a surprise. Your a surprise. This place is a surprise. You see this, a paper cut. It hurts like hell. Anyone else would be upset, but to me it's just one more wonderful surprise. I mean I even surprise myself sometimes. So I guess there is nothing wrong with me surprising you."
lovetrnl.wav (82K) Into the Fire
Lorien, "Only those whose lives are brief can imagine that love is eternal"
lstlokb5.wav (840K) Objects at Rest
Sheridan, "Let's take one last look at the place. Match rotation."
Sounds of the white start turning, and the music as Sheridan takes one last look at Babylon 5.
Sheridan, "Take us away."
sounds of the whitestar going through the jumpgate.
lstntsay.wav (191K) War Without End I
Zathras, "Draal gave Zathras list of things not to say. This was one. No. Hum, not good. Not supposed to mention one or the one. oh. Uh, you never heard that."
ltgdidea.wav (72K) The Needs of Earth
Gideon, "I may have an idea."
Dureena, "I don't think you have recovered from your last good idea."
Gideon, "That would explain it."
lthrlght.wav (757K) Voices in the Dark
Galen, "As the saying goes, let there be light."
ltoutagn.wav (98K) Confessions and Lamentations
Sheridan, "If I let you into that isolation zone, I can't let you out again!"
Delenn, "I know."
ltpcwire.wav (756K) Legend of the Rangers
G'kar, "This ship is being held together by little pieces of wire and good intentions."
lunusual.wav (40K) Epiphanies
Londo, "And would I fall under the category of unusual, Mr. Allen?"
lustpasn.wav (63K) Day of the Dead
Dodger, "You know, some guys would be flattered, if a not entirely uncute dame, returned from the dead to spend a night of lust and passion with them."
luvtnite.wav (155K) GROPOS
Ivanova, "No traffic, no complains, no noise. Traders, trouble makers, and ambassadors all tucked snugly in their little beds. I love this time of night."
Corwin, "There is no night in deep space and time is a meaningless concept, when you stop to think about it."
lv41di41.wav (169K) Grey 17 is Missing
Marcus, "We live for the One. We die for the ... One. Entil'za. In Valen's name.
lv41stpd.wav (853K) Legend of the Rangers
David, "We live for the one, we die for the one, but we don't die stupidly."
lvcentrp.wav (980K) In the Beginning
Londo, "It's ironic isn't it. I had every window in the palace blocked off, because I was afraid that if I came around the corner, and saw this unprepared, that I would break down and cry. And yet, I spend all of my time here in this room, looking at it. In my life, I had four wives, I cared for them all deeply, but I loved Centuari Prime. Loved every street, every tower, every inch of our world. Everything I did I did for her and look what we have done to her. But there is hope, but it will hard, so very hard. Well, where was I? Yes, the war. The humans I think knew they were doomed ..."
lvd3thng.wav (164K) The Rules of the Game
Eilerson, "I pick up the call, because in entire life, I've loved three things; my work, that damned cat, and you. pathetic isn't it. Bye Cynthia."
lvdo2him.wav (30K) Soul Mates
Londo, "Oh, I love doing that to him."
lvnw4evr.wav (39K) Babylon Squared
Zathras, "Leave or be trapped here forever."
lvrdhead.wav (181K) Day of the Dead
Dodger, "It's some guys fantasy. A love hungry red head, who will disappear in the morning, never to be seen again. "
Garibaldi, "I'm sorry, Dodger. What were you saying?"
Dodger, "It's a good thing, I am only here another hour or so cupcake, two weeks of this, I'd kill you."
lvsmtgln.wav (62K) Learning Curve
Zack, "You know Michael, you and the Minbari have one thing in common. You never know when to leave something alone."
lvugdbye.wav (153K) Z'ha'Dum
Sheridan, "Finally, I heard what you said when I left. I want you to know ... I love you Delenn. Good bye."
lvusalon.wav (65K) River of Souls
Soul, "Leave us alone!"
lygrowls.wav (30K) Between the Darkness and the Light
Garibaldi, "Would you come on already."
Lyta, growls, for lack of a better word.
lyta.wav (103K) The Exercise of Vital Powers
Franklin, "(With dramatic music) Lyta!"
lytadrem.wav (228K) Darkness Ascending
Lyta, "I have decided to stop hiding what the Vorlons did to me. I'm testing to see what I can do. how far I can go. I had no idea. You shouldn't have waken up. This is just a dream. This never happened!"