Sound files starting with M

m-le-fay.wav (53K) A Late Delivery From Avalon
Marcus, "So the question is: Who is Morgan Le Fay?"
m1cred.mp3 (605K) In the Beginning
Closing credits for In the Beginning.
m2cred.mp3 (1,105K) ThirdSpace
Closing credits from ThirdSpace.
m3cred.wav (580K) River of Souls
Closing credits from Souls. note: the sound on the end is not static)
m4cred.mp3 (1,188K) A Call to Arms
Closing credits from A Call to Arms
macbeth.wav (130K) Exogenesis
Marcus, "The gracious Duncan, asleep by the gate. Methinks I hear a voice cry, Sleep no more. Marcus does murder sleep."
Duncan, "You're a madman you know."
macknlov.wav (115K) A View from the Gallery
Mack, "Bo?"
Bo, "Yea."
Mack, "She remembered my name."
Bo, "Our names."
Mack, "I think I am in love."
Bo, "She married."
Mack, "Ah, we could work something out."
macros.wav (33K) The Geometry of Shadows
Ivanova, "Just my luck, I get stuck with a race that speaks only in macros.
madhouse.wav (30K) The Paragon of Animals
Sheridan, "Some days, it's like living in a mad house."
madness.wav (40K) Severed Dreams
Londo, "Madness! Total and complete madness!"
magcrock.wav (151K) The Well of Forever
Eilerson, "So you have a magic rock, that provides you with a mystical places, that is a metaphor of a book, that gives you answers to questions we haven't asked yet. And you want us to spend days in hyperspace based on that?"
magictrk.wav (276K) A Voice In The Wilderness II
Garibaldi, "Magic? You want to see magic? I got a little magic trick for ya. I got a little magic that'll make you pass through the top of the bar."
Bar Patron, "Hey! Let go!"
Garibaldi, "I'll need complete silence or I'll have to ask for another volunteer from the audience. Let's see, what was that magic word again? Shazam? (whack) No that's not it. I'll tell you what, I'll go home and look at my books, then I'll come back. If you're still talking trash about killing marsies, we'll try it again and again (whack) until we get it right, huh?"
mailhold.wav (47K) The Gathering, Pilot
B5 computer, "You have transmissions holding."
maintenc.wav (91K) Dust to Dust
Ivanova, "Everyone clear the command deck now! I have to run a maintenance routine. It will take about ten minutes. Get some tea or something."
majloser.wav (364K) Ruling from the Tomb
Gideon, "Married? Your telling me, that some guy, actually, managed to land you, got you to lower your defenses enough to commit and then let you get away. Oh, god. He must be the biggest loser on the galaxy."
Lochley, "Oh, major loser, they don't come any bigger."
Gideon, "Loser have a name?"
Lochley, "John Sheridan."
Gideon, "(sound of gagging, laughing) Had to wait until I'd took a drink. Didn't you?"
Lochley, "It seemed only fair."
majorgnl.wav (361K) Atonement
Marcus, sings "Modern Major General", by Gilbert and Sullivan
Franklin, "Ah!"
Director, "(Tony Dow) Cut!"
Marcus "What?" and two beeps.
makesnse.wav (56K) Between the Darkness and the Light
Sheridan, "If you are going to wait for the universe to start making sense, you'll have a long wait ahead of you."
maktok.wav (51K) Confessions and Lamentations
Lennier, "(Minbari) Mak tok ob'ka hati Flarn."
Delenn, "(Minbari) Flarn, shabadaloo?"
malfunct.wav (24K) War Without End II
Zathras, "Not good, Malfunction."
mandhelp.wav (67K) Point of No Return
G'kar, "We stand at the moment of transition ... and I may need your help before this is over. [clap sound]"
mantra.wav (376K) A Voice in the Wilderness I
Ivanova, "And just one more thing. On the trip back, I would like you to take the time to learn the Babylon 5 mantra: Ivanova is always right. I will listen to Ivanova. I will not ignore Ivanova recommendations. Ivanova is god. AND if this ever happens again, Ivanova will personally rip your lungs out. Babylon control out. Civilizations. Just kidding about that god part. No offense."
mantra2.wav (155K) A Voice in the Wilderness I
Ivanova, "Ivanova is always right. I will listen to Ivanova. I will not ignore Ivanova recommendations. Ivanova is god. AND if this ever happens again, Ivanova will personally rip your lungs out."
marriedu.wav (167K) Racing Mars
Marcus, "And worst of all, I'm married to you."
Franklin, "Well, that's not my idea."
Marcus, "Oh, you say that now. Tell that to your mother. She never stopped calling us about it. So when the big day, I've got to pick out patterns. Your father isn't going to live forever and on and on and on and on."
marrmstk.wav (48K) Soul Mates
Sheridan, "How long were you married?"
Talia, "Just long enough to know it was a mistake."
marrsucc.wav (51K) Soul Mates
Lady Timov, "The secret of our marriage's success, Londo, is our lack of communication."
martalaw.wav (73K) Point of No Return
Londo, "You ... What's going on?"
Minbari, "Haven't you heard? The Earth Alliance just declared martial law."
masdrvrs.wav (103K) The Long, Twilight Struggle
Londo, "Mass drivers. They have been outlawed by every civilized planet!"
Lord Refa, "These are uncivilized times."
Londo, "We have treaties."
Lord Refa, "Ink on a page."
matchfnd.wav (14K) A Spider in the Web
B5 computer, "Match found."
matwthus.wav (103K) The Well of Forever
Gideon, "No it's not! It's mating with us?"
Galen, "Well, it's not exactly the first contact situation, I would envisioned, but ..."
mayday.wav (46K) The Path of Sorrows
Gideon, "Mayday. I repeat, mayday."
mayoonth.wav (24K) Hunter, Prey
Sheridan, "Fine, no problem, you want mayo on that?"
mcbaris.wav (260K) Meditations on the Abyss
Londo, "What do you eat when I am gone?"
Vir, "Well, I ... obviously we have plenty of ... uh ... I eat at Mcbari's. "
Londo, "Mcbari's? Is that the new place in the brown sector? With the golden uh ..."
Vir, "Golden head bones. Yes."
Londo, "Vir! We are not biologically equipped to handle fast food."
Vir, "I know, I know. But it tastes so great going down. Coming up again, it is not so terrific."
mchnopin.wav (34K) War Zone
Trace, "Why the hell am I asking a machine for an opinion in the first place?"
meaning.wav (39K) Deathwalker
Kosh, "Ah, you seek meaning."
meatball.wav (168K) Walkabout
G'kar, "It's a strange thing, but every sentient race has it own version of these sweedish meatballs. I suspect it one of those great universial mysteries, which will either never be explained or which would drive you mad if you every learned the truth."
medschol.wav (108K) Infection
Garibaldi, "Nothing in his personnel jacket to suggest a heart condition."
Franklin, "Yes, and exactly which medical school did you attend, Mr. Garibaldi?"
melodram.wav (22K) And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
Garibaldi, "Being a little melodramatic aren't you?"
messwhme.wav (30K) Ruling from the Tomb
Eilerson, "You mess with me, you mess with whole family."
meta4thk.wav (39K) The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari
Londo, "The metaphor is getting a bit thick, don't you think?"
midlname.wav (133K) Ruling from the Tomb
Gideon, "All these precautions are nice, but ..."
Lochley, "Nice!? Captain Gideon, security happens to be my middle name."
Gideon, "That's all well and good, but just in case your last name is breach, it won't hurt for me to double check."
Lochley, "Double check!?"
mildesgn.wav (1,656K) Legend of the Rangers
Dulann, "If human military designers had their way, every color of spectrum would be removed, except for gray, green, and black. And we would all live in windowless boxes."
milkand.wav (128K) And the sky full of stars
Knight Two, "Nobody wants to die. Especially out there in the cold of space, so you surrendered. They took you aboard their ship. Fixed you some milk and cookies and ask you to work for them."
mimbrelg.wav (94K) And Now for a Word
Delenn, "(In the Mimbari Religious Caste language and then in English) I am your friend, in peace."
min-uwlc.wav (17K) Between the Darkness and the Light
Marcus, "(in Minbari) Your welcome."
minbears.wav (1,796K) Legend of the Rangers
Dulann, "Minbari ears are substantially more sensitive than human ears"
David, "At least ours are bigger and better placed."
Dulann, "Size is not everything."
David, "Yea, I've heard that before."
Dulann, "So I'm informed."
minbfght.wav (78K) Learning Curve
Garibaldi, "You know that is something, I never realized about the Minbari."
Zack, "What's that?"
Garibaldi, "I think they are genetically incapable of walking away from a fight."
minbtwom.wav (46K) Shadow Dancing
Marcus, "(in Minbari)You're the most beautiful women, I've ever met."
minchkwp.wav (38K) Shadow Dancing
Marcus, "(in Minbari to the ship to check the weapons and the ship responds also in Minbari.)"
mindsees.wav (79K) River of Souls
soul, "The mind sees what it needs to see. The soul sees what the soul sees."
mindsong.wav (1,158K) Strange Relations
The "Mind Song" as it come to be called, where the telepaths are singing after there release.
minemine.wav (22K) ThirdSpace
Delenn, "Mine! Mine! Mine!"
minntail.wav (43K) In the Beginning
Unamed starfury pilot, "Alpha leader, you have a Minbari on your tail."
minspk.wav (142K) War without End I
The words are all spoken in Minbari.
Sinclair, "I know what is coming. Are you all right?"
Delenn, "No. I'm sorry."
Sinclair, "Don't be."
mislondo.wav (1,150K) Sleeping in Light
Vir, "You know, Londo, never liked the Pak'mar'a. I mean, they stubborn, lazy, obnoxious, greedy ..."
Garibaldi, "Kind of look like an octopus that got run over by a truck."
Vir, "That too. But, one day Londo and I were walking pass their quarters and we heard them singing."
Sheridan, "Singing? They can sing?"
Franklin, "Well, there is nothing about that in the lecture."
Vir, "Apparently it is something they only do certain times of the year as part of their religious ceremonies. You may not believe this, but it was the most beautiful sound that I had ever heard. I could not make out the words but I knew that it was full of sadness, and hope and wonder, and terrible sense of lost. I ... I looked at Londo and this is the amazing part. There was a tear running down his face. I said, Londo we should leave this is up setting you. He just stood there and listened. And when it was over, he turned to me and said, there are forty-nine gods in our pantheon Vir. To tell you truth, I never really believed in any of them. But if only one of them exists, then sings with that voice. It's funny, after everything he we had been through, all he did, .... I miss him.
mismmnts.wav (65K) Shadow Dancing
Franklin, "And when you do that, you miss the moments. The moments are all we've got."
misnobjt.wav (71K) No Surrender, No Retreat
Marcus, "It looks as if we won."
Sheridan, "No, we've archived the mission objective, it's not a victory."
misslink.wav (158K) Meditations on the Abyss
Garibaldi, "What did I do with that link? Here linky, linky, linky Here linky. Uh! The missing link!"
mkhistry.wav (110K) Rising Star
Londo, "How does it feel to make history, hum?"
G'kar, "You do not make history, you can only hope to survive it."
Londo, "G'kar, you are a depressing person."
G'kar, "Thank you."
mkmecraz.wav (119K) Voices of Authority
Garibaldi, "He hates me. They all hate me. That's why they are doing this. To make me crazy."
mkpplhpy.wav (143K) Day of the Dead
Lennier, "You worked for the Shadows."
Morden, "Among other things. Looking back on it thought, I think I just tried to make people happy. Anyway, it just history now and I paid for it. "
mksnanyd.wav (49K) Conflicts of Interests
Delenn, "If someone does not start making sense here, I am going to become most annoyed."
mkuprule.wav (87K) Appearances and Other Deceits
Eilerson, "I hate it when I go to movies with kids in the audience, because there is always someone there that tells me I can't kill them when they get loud. Now who makes up rules anyway."
mlyrldjg.wav (54K) The Fall of Centauri Prime
Delenn, "Maybe we will find a million year old jumpgate leave behind by the first ones."
mnfgtstk.wav (10K) Lines of Communication
The sound of a Minbari fighting stick opening and closing.
mntborn4.wav (176K) Babylon Squared
There is screaming and battle sounds all through the clip.
Garibaldi, "Get going, I'll hold'em as long as I can."
Sinclair, "No"
Garibaldi, "Look, come on, this isn't a conversation. Jeff ... it's ok. I finally understand. This is the moment I was born for. Now go. Go. ... Go!"
Sinclair, "Wait! Wait!"
mntfsham.wav (147K) Objects at Rest
Delenn, "There are moments, when we all become someone else. Something other than what we are. It takes only a moment, but we spend the rest of lives looking back at that moment in shame."
mollari.wav (28K) The Coming of Shadows
G'kar, "Mollari!"
monitor.wav (16K) The Parliament of Dreams
Catherine Saki, "Put it on the monitor."
monsters.wav (155K) What Ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
G'kar, "(to Londo) If I remove the monster from your throne, you will remove the monster from my world. Leave Narn."
montfjoy.wav (62K) Acts of Sacrifice
Londo, "A moment of joy in a life time of sarrow. Take it while you can."
monymuth.wav (97K) Interludes and Examinations
Sheridan, "I hear you've got a saying, understanding is a three edged sward. Well we've got a saying to, put your money where your mouth is!"
moonface.wav (41K) Born to the Purple
Londo, "What do you want you moon faced assassin of joy?"
mordenno.wav (17K) Into the Fire
Morden, "NO!"
mordhead.wav (196K) Day of the Dead
Lennier, "I came for wisdom."
Morden, "You don't come to the dead for wisdom, Lennier. My head was cut from my body. Even now it rots on a poll outside the imperial palace. Birds have taken the hair for their nests. Maggots have eat my flesh and you want wisdom?"
Lennier, "Yes, I do."
moreofu.wav (162K) Sic Transit Vir
Londo, "You know that ... you know that you are smaller than I thought you were. You are smaller. There are more of you. There are more of you!"
morlfibr.wav (60K) Mind War
Ivanova, "Good old PSI-corps. You guys never cease to amaze me. All the moral fiber of Jack the Ripper."
mornmesg.wav (78K) The Hour of the Wolf
B5 computer, "Good morning. The time is o-five-thirty, Earth standard time. You have the following messages."
moveasid.wav (288K) Severed Dreams
Delenn, "I served council for 16 cycles. I was the chosen of Dukhat to replace him. I held him when he died. His blood on my hands, his spirit in my eyes, his word on my lips. You will step aside in his name and mine or in Valen name, I will tear this place apart with my bare hands until I find them."
movureye.wav (39K) Divided Loyalties
Ivanova, "I suggest you move eyes somewhere else, while you still have them."
mr_garib.wav (31K) Midnight on the Firing Line
Londo, "Ah, Mr. Garibaldi!"
Garibaldi, "Oh boy."
mrdiffnt.wav (284K) Dust to Dust
Kosh, "(as G'Lan) You have the opportunity here and now to choose to become something greater and nobler and more different than you have been before. The Universe does not offer such chances often G'kar."
G'kar, "Why now? Why not earlier? All this time where have you been?"
Kosh, "(as G'Lan) I have always been here."
mrexplan.wav (31K) The Face of the Enemy
Number One, "Mister, you got one hell of a lot of explaining to do."
mrgecrmn.wav (428K) The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
Londo, "So Doctor, who died?"
Franklin, "What are you talking about?"
Londo, "Among my people, this is how we celebrate state funerals. Our marriage ceremonies are solemn; sober; Moments of reflection; also regret; disagreement; argument; and mutual recrimination. Once you know that it can't get any worse, you can relax and enjoy the marriage. But to start with something like this, oh, it is a very bad sign for the future. Perhaps it was something I said."
G'kar, "Perhaps it is everything you say."
mrlkinsn.wav (96K) The Geometry of Shadows
Lord Refa, "When we heard that you would personally take care of the problem. Well ..."
Londo, "Yes, I'm sure it sounded absurd."
Lord Refa, "More like insane."
mrmorden.wav (37K) Into the Fire
Londo, "Ah, Mr. Morden!"
mrpresid.wav (215K) Voices of Authority
President Clark, "I wanted Santiago dead for so long. I wasn't sure we could really pull it off. You're sure it's done?"
Morden, "Earth force 1, will never return from Io. The power is now yours Clark. Mr. President."
mrylondo.wav (88K) Soul Mates
G'kar, "If I were married to Londo Mollari I would be concerned."
Lady Mariel, "G'kar, If you were married to Londo Mollari, we'd all be concerned."
msgercvd.wav (25K) A Call to Arms
Computer, "Message received. Ready to display."
msgfdeln.wav (32K) The Hour of the Wolf
B5 Computer, "Message from Ambassador Delenn."
msgfmgod.wav (42K) Mind War
Sinclair, "Mister, I don't care if you had a personel message from God, complete with stone tablet."
msgfmrcs.wav (31K) The Hour of the Wolf
B5 Computer, "Message from Marcus Cole."
msgsnclr.wav (331K) War without End I
Sinclair, "Hello Michael. By the time you get this I should be long gone. I'm sorry I could not tell you that I was here. Sorry I could not see you, but I told you what was up you would want to come along, even knowing the price and I can't allow that. But I had to leave something. I could not leave without saying good bye. You see Michael, I won't be coming back from Babylon 4 and if you went with me, you would not make it back either."
mstaplng.wav (328K) Convictions
Londo, "Kill me, Now kill me!"
G'kar, "You forget the terms of our surrender. The penalty for the killing of any Centauri, by any Narn, will be the death of five hundred Narns, including perpetrators own family! But I don't have to kill you. (laughing) I don't have to do anything and I still get to watch you die. I find this most appealing."
mstleave.wav (186K) Objects in Motion
Lyta, "It's ironic. You have to leave because everybody wants you. There fighting over you. And I have to leave because nobody wants me."
G'kar, "And yet we are the same in many ways."
mstworld.wav (21K) Wheel of Fire
Lochley, "I wouldn't have missed this for the world."
mswintr.wav (128K) Dust to Dust
Bester, "We learned some interesting things about Ms Winters in the course of her debriefing and dissect... that is examination."
mtkhuman.wav (54K) Rumors, Bargains and Lies
Londo, "I'm sorry. I apparently mistook you for a human with some taste and sensibility."
mundanes.wav (12K) Phoenix Rising
Bester, "They're just mundanes."
musespek.wav (31K) The Paragon of Animals
G'kar, "Just a moment, my muse is speaking to me."
mustremv.wav (51K) The Long, Twilight Struggle
Londo, "(referring to G'kar) And must be removed from this council. "
Sheridan, "We will wait until ..."
Londo, "NOW!"
my_way.wav (34K) Acts of Sacrifice
Ivanova, "Next time, my way!"
mycat.wav (76K) The Rules of the Game
Eilerson, "I didn't walk out, you did. And Mr. Kitty was my cat a hell of long time before you ever walked into my life or out of it."
mycomand.wav (178K) War Zone
Gideon, "This is my command. I'll do whatever's necessary. If that means turning the entire galaxy upside down to shaking it's pockets to see what falls out, then that's what I'll do. I'm not subtle. I'm not pretty and I'll piss off a lot of people along the way. But I'll get the job done."
mymonmnt.wav (478K) Deathwalker
Deathwalker, "You and the rest of your kind, take blind comfort in the belief that we are monsters. That you could never do what we did. The key ingredient in the anti-agathic can not be synthesized. It must be taken from living beings. For one to live forever, another one must die. You will fall upon another like wolves. It will make what we did pale by comparison. The billions who live forever will be a testimony to my work and the billions who are murdered to buy that immortality will be continuous of my work. Not like us, you will become us. That's my monument, Commander."
mynameis.wav (21K) A Call to Arms
Galen, "My name is Galen."
myprot.wav (310K) The Fall of Night
Londo, "Captain Sheridan!"
Sheridan, "The Narn warship is under my protection. I have guaranteed the right of free passage. Once it's engines are repaired, it will leave Babylon 5 space. After that, it's no business of ours. I have assigned a squad of fighters to escort the cruiser safely out of Babylon 5 space. You tell your cruiser to withdrawal at once. They open fire on any of our fighters I will respond with deadly force. END!"
mywar.wav (69K) Ship of Tears
Bester, "Your war is now my War."
myworld.wav (62K) Ceremonies of Light & Dark
Sheridan, "I can no longer imagine my world without you in it."