Down Below Sound Archive for Babylon 5

This site has over 2450 (519 Mb) sound files located here. The left frame is an index for my Babylon 5 pages. The sounds are sorted into alphabetic pages, a new page (new sounds for the last 30 days) For programs to decompress the zip files (NOTE: XP has this builtin now) please see this page: winzip (not for unix). For Sound players for any platform (I hope), try the Free Sound and Music Software site.
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6/11/12: The system this site was on died, the data was saved, so it's back up again. Taking a long Look at the site for a first time in years, it really is time for some updating. If I get some time, I maybe run some updates. Of course, that could be in time for the 20th anniversity (Jan 26, 2014 will be 20 years since season 1).

12/09/07: Finally, Lost tales clips have been added. Sorry the delay, but I had some problems. My system was not setup to record anymore (it has been almost 10 years). I had to use the headphone jacks on my receiver to get sound to my computer. A very annonying way to do it, because I can't hear the sound, while to recording. I also had to find a sound recorder, which Nero's Wave editor works very well. Also the zip files have been updated with the new sounds as well.
Lastly, I didn't record everything, there were some great clips from Father Cassidy, but very long and a couple of sheridan's were washed out by the music. You can e-mail me requests for Lost Tales

12/1/99: No more requests will be accepted. Submissions are still welcome.

New sounds added as of 12/09/07.

You will notice that some sounds do not have the episode that it came from. If you know which episode it came from, please e-mail me the information.

Jim Ward
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