Mix Sound files

3areone.wav (1,485K) Mix Sound
A mix sound about the One, past, future, and present. It's an mix of each of them talking.
68.wav (143K) Mix Sound
Created by Mavrik, it has the first ones and Ivanova talking to each other.
69.wav (145K) Mix Sound
Created by Mavrik, it has Ivanova shooting Sheridan.
a1.wav (360K) Mix Sound
A B5 mix with lots of screaming and some explosions. Created by opicrios
altendb5.wav (1,731K) Mix Sound
A mix sound assuming, the alternate ending of Babylon 5. Ie, they don't move babylon 4 back in time and the shadows attack bablyon 5. created by snatcher100.
atkbstr.wav (76K) Mix Sound
Attack by Bester mix. Created by Captain Tom
b5deditn.wav (436K) Mix Sound
An interesting mix of sounds, created by BrandonC
b5exit.wav (300K) Mix Sound
Created by LittleTain as an exit sound for Windows.
b5strtup.wav (193K) Mix Sound
It starts with itsawak2.wav and Kosh saying "and so it begins" is added at the end. Created by Tom Ryan.
b5tribut.wav (1,022K) Mix Sound
A b5 mix. Created by nkoshv3.
begnsmix.wav (45K) Mix Sound
This sound is a combination of Kosh and Galen saying "And so it begins." with some echo. Created by Redding
bestermix.wav (260K) Mix Sound
A mix of Bester sounds, created by the Good Doctor
bestertn.wav (2,774K) Mix Sound
This one is a song with B5 characters talking with Bester, Bester being on the right track, others on the left. Created CyberDegu 64
byemarcu.wav (516K) Mix Sound
It's Franklin finally getting really sick of Marcus. Created by LessXTreme
byron3.wav (1,152K) Mix Sound
A Byron mix. Created by DMK
crusader.wav (520K) Mix Sound
A crusade mix, based on the season 1 opening theme.
dragonmx.mp3 (672K) Mix Sound
A b5 dragon mix, created by b5mark.
drnkfile.wav (788K) Mix Sound
A mix file of people getting drunk or already drunk. Created by Comicmax.
dslove.wav (1,116K) Mix Sound
A very good Sheridan and Delenn love mix. The background music is from the end of Sleeping in the Light. Created by shaib5.
ealone.wav (155K) Mix Sound
A mix of Sheridan, consider Earth Standing alone.
earthmix.wav (412K) Mix Sound
A mix about the earth and it's troubles. Created by Ggama
easernb5.wav (372K) Mix Sound
A mix of Garibaldi reminiscing about how peaceful and uneventful life on B5 was. Created by b5mark.
eclipse.wav (188K) Mix Sound
a B5 wav of unknown origin that is commonly used in the AOL chat room.
farewell.wav (1,063K) Mix Sound
A mix, created by AKlegacy. It's a farewell to Babylon 5 with most sounds coming from Sleeping in Light.
finish2.wav (2,916K) Mix Sound
Created by BCAdams. It's a mix of fighting for freedom (more or less).
gar_rite.wav (157K) Mix Sound
Londo, "You're right."
Sheridan, "Garibaldi was right."
Delenn, "I know. I hate it when he's right."
Ivanova, "There's nothing more annoying than Mr. Garibaldi when he's right."
Garibaldi, "Damn, I love being right!"
gkarlndo.wav (3.66MB) Mix Sound
This in STEREO sound. The left side is G'kar and the Right side is Londo. Although there are other people talking, it mostly G'kar and Londo's dealings with the Shadows. Background music Mars, the Bringer of War from Holst's The Planets. You only really appreciate it with stereo sound.
goodbyb5.wav (wav:1,088K) Mix Sound
A good bye to B5 mix, sound from Sleeping in the Light. Created by Laheara
gp.wav (220K) Mix Sound
Two Drazi saying Green and purple with some interesting sound effects.
hellmix.wav (260K) Mix Sound
A mix, created by cammie42, and it's a hell of a mix. You'll have to listen to it, to get the joke.
helpmix.wav (296K) Mix Sound
A help mix. Created by steve perkins
infirewh.wav (245K) Mix Sound
A mix sound with sounds mostly from Into the Fire. Submitted by an unknown Interlog User. (There was no name, nor valid e-mail address)
insults3.wav (540K) Mix Sound
A mix file of people insulting other people. Created by Comicmax.
introgtn.wav (508K) Mix Sound
A mix wave of interrogations. Created by JKN.
ishootsg.wav (528K) Mix Sound
An interesting mix, where Ivanova and Garibaldi fight with each other.
itsawak2.wav (147K) Mix Sound
Mostly from Messages from Earth.
Delenn, "In Valen's name, It's Awake!." And about 5 seconds of music and then the shadow ship scream.
ivannuts.wav (143K) Mix Sound
Ivanova, "Ivanova is always right. I will listen to Ivanova. I will not ignore Ivanova's recommendations. Ivanova is..."
Garibaldi, "...Nuts!"
Ivanova, "Garibaldi! You're a dead man!"
Garibaldi, "Oh Boy..."
jandd.wav (296K) Mix Sound
this is John and Delenn wav and the background music is the emotional.wav.
jump3.wav (460K) Mix Sound
Stereo jump gate sound with B5 computer. Created By Van Boxtel.
jumpoc.wav (624K) Mix Sound
combination of jump1.wav and jump2.wav to have a jump open and then close, in stereo. By anmolnar.
letsgo.wav (85K) Mix Sound
Submitted by Marc. This sound is as Marc calls it "G'Kar's one-man crusade"
lonmix1.wav (99K) Mix Sound
A short Londo drinking mix. Created by MKonecsni
magicmix.wav (184K) Mix Sound
A mix of magic, created by b5mark.
marcmix2.wav (564K) Mix Sound
A Marcus mix.
marcus.wav (692K) Mix Sound
This is a tribute to Marcus, created by Taln Hess.
mrcssusn.wav (1,072K) Mix Sound
A mix for the Ivanova and Marcus "love story". Created by Katerynia.
musckosh.wav (169K) Mix Sound
kosh music, without any speech
musculkh.wav (85K) Mix Sound
Ulkesh music, without any speech
newquote.wav (688K) Mix Sound
A b5 mix. Created by steve perkins
nonomix.wav (111K) Mix Sound
it's the "No-no mix", created by ggama
noretret.wav (1,649K) Mix Sound
A great mix sound, with some fun comedy. The background music is the first track of the first Babylon 5 CD.
nosrrtv2.mp3 (2,456K) Mix Sound
A mix created by Joey Lindstrom. It's basically a b5 mix.
poolmsed.wav (269K) Mix Sound
Ivanova, "You know how I feel about telepaths!"
Sheridan, "Do I ever. You throw one out a third-story window on Io..."
glass breaking and someone screaming.
Ivanova, "There was an ample pool below the window."
Sheridan, "I'll assume you knew that!"
ppgbestr.wav (106K) Mix Sound
A mix created by VgnScorp, where Sheridan shoots Bester.
protosnd.wav (940K) Mix Sound
The season 5 opening them, with more sounds added. Created by mrfuryous02
requiem.wav (333K) Mix Sound
This is the music used as the background for requiem2.wav
requiem2.wav (333K) Mix Sound
This is a mix sound from sounds on this archive with great music, created by Taln Hess. It is a must, at the very least listen to it once.
s4mix.wav (591K) Mix Sound
All sounds were from this archive, and the backing music is from the season 4 intro theme. You should definitly listen to it once. created by Peter Munroe.
shadstr1.wav (4,400K) Mix Sound
This wav is the story of the Shadows, part 1. I don't know what the background sound is.
sherida1.wav (936K) Mix Sound
a tribute to Sheridan. created by Paige.
shotmar.wav (52K) Mix Sound
Franklin, "And that's when I shot him, your honor."
Sound of firing
created by AstraConan
shotmar2.wav (88K) Mix Sound
Franklin, "And that's when I shot him, your honor."
Sound of firing and then applause
created by AstraConan
stpncrcm.wav (725K) Mix Sound
a edit of stpncrcl, sound from Legend of the Rangers
Grey council leader, "Step into the circle and prepare to receive judgment."
tlinemix.wav (908K) Mix Sound
Sinclair, "We were out numbered and out gunned, we never had a chance. You say we could have won, but you weren't there. You did not see them. When I looked at those ships, I didn't just see my death, I saw the death of the whole damn human race."
Knight One, "Then why did they surrender ?!"
Sinclair, "I don't know, maybe the universe blinked, maybe God changed his mind, all I know is that we got a second chance."
Requiem music
Sinclair, "Hold the line, no one gets through, no matter what!"
Unamed starfury pilot, "Alpha leader, you have a Minbari on your tail."
Starfury computer, "Aft stabilizers hit. Weapon systems at zero, Defensive grid at zero, power plant at critical mass."
Sinclair, "Not like this, Not like this. If I am going out then I'm taking you bastards with me. Target main cruiser. Set for full velocity ram. After burners on my mark. Mark!"
Requiem music
Arthur, "You don't believe I am who I say I am."
Sebastian, "Who are you?"
Knight Two, "Nobody wants to die. Especially out there in the cold of space. . ."
President, ". . .to step forward one last time. One last battle to hold the line against the night!"
Created by Snatcher100
tribute1.wav (1,598K) Mix Sound
A tribute to b5 with sounds from the pilot through to season 4, created by helgekr
tribute2.wav (725K) Mix Sound
tribute to b5, created by Kellan
wdoutrst.mp3 (712K) Mix Sound
A crusade mix of the opening theme (season 1), with B5 quotes, concerning who do you trust? and other questions in the opening theme.
wharyu.wav (472K) Mix Sound
A mix that asks who are you (by lots of people) and then Ivanova answers. Created by NKoshV3.
whip2.wav (774K) Mix Sound
This is a mix sound from sounds on this archive using whip.wav as the background sound, created by Talen Hess.
whtwtmix.wav (1,498K) Mix Sound
A what do you want mix, with varying b5 characters answering.
zathmixx.wav (360K) Mix Sound
A mix, created by whtestar9, about Zathras.
zhadumix.wav (804K) Mix Sound
This is a Anne and John Sheridan mix. Background music by Alice in chains called Would? Mix created by Jadzia.