Sound files starting with X

xcalibur.wav (134K) A Late Delivery from Avalon
Arthur, "I am Arthur. Son of Urther Pent Dragon and king of the Britain's. No man takes Excalibur from me and lives."
xctysems.wav (2,480K) Legend of the Rangers
G'kar, "If you ever due come aboard (Babylon 5), remember one thing, no one there is exactly what he seems, but then who is."
xlntidea.wav (318K) Legend of the Rangers
G'kar, "Excellent idea."
xpctmeuc.wav (33K) Chrysalis
G'kar, "Expect me when you see me."
xplnbhvr.wav (138K) A Call to Arms
Galen, "And to whom, am I supposed to explain my behavior this time?"
Technomage, "To everyone involved."
Galen, "Everyone? It must be a very large room."
xplnprcs.wav (16K) And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
Delenn, "Can you explain the process?"
xpmewucm.wav (27K) War Zone
Galen, "Expect me, when you see me."
xroads.wav (829K) Voices in the Dark
Lochley, "I always knew that babylon 5 was neutral territory, but until today I never knew it was on the cross roads between heaven and hell."
xtntrace.wav (64K) In the Beginning
Unnamed, "Londo, if you would just listen."
Londo, "To what, the voice of a race that about to become extinct."