Updated: 3/13/00

Why Requests will no longer be accepted?

  • 1. Almost 75% of requests are denied before making the request page. That is up from 20% denial rate. Once on the list nearly 50% of requests are denied, for varing reasons.
  • 2. The stuff requested is getting well ... longer, more demanding, whole scenes, sound effects, "can you put this together", and just down right strange in some cases.
  • 3. With some expections in the first season (I've been meaning to correct) there are 20 + sounds for each episode. We are getting to the point where every thing has been posted, that I am willing to record.
  • 4. I've been doing this for 5+ years now (Starting with the airing of the second season) and even before when I would post a couple of sounds into the alt.bin.sound newsgroup. Right now I devote at least two to three hours a week to this site and which I'm reducing to under an hour a week.
  • 5. Would you believe that my Second (!!!) set of tapes are dieing from use. I do wish b5 would come out on DVD.
  • 6. Lastly, B5 has been off the air, (I don't count 5am MST on a saturday on TNT as time I can watch B5) for a while now. The requests are getting more and more vage or simply wrong, like requests for Sheridan quotes in first season episodes. (It seems alot of people don't realize Sinclair was the first captain). Even outside the US b5 has played through season 5.

    Is the site closing down?

    There are no plans to close the site. There may not be a lot of updates though. My recording station (which was a old 486 with a nice sound card) has died. My laptop, doesn't seem to be able to record with the same quality. don't know why.