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Under construction, so watch where you step.

Hobbies and such include:

swimming, computers, watching politics (not playing them though, I'll leave that to other people), ancient Egyptian history, Babylon 5 (the TV show) and getting into trouble every so often.

My two Mottos for life are:

Never Surrender.

If life were perfect, we would all be bored silly.

My favorite phrase: Are we having fun yet?!

My Username, Seker, is an minor Egyptian god. There are several stories about Seker: (below is listed some of them)
1. A god of Light, protector of the spirits of the dead passing through the Underworld en route to the afterlife. Seker was worshiped in Memphis as a form of Path or as part of the compound deities Path-seker or Path-seker-ausar. Seker was usually depicted as having the head of a hawk, shrouded as a mummy, similar to Path. (Path is the creator of the Universe). (from Guardians Egypt page

2. The Egyptian book the dead says that he carried Ra (the Sun God) across the sky each day and captured him in hell at night.

3. He is protector of the 7th level of hell (there is no heaven in Egyptian religion) and keeper of the scared library.

4. Egyptian funerary god, also listed as Path-Seker-Osris composite god. Egypt Religion Page

5. The Gods of Ancient Egypt -- Seker.

6. ?? I am sure there are more. If you know of some, I am always interested.

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