Policies, copyright, and misc. information

Updated 10/31/07

It should be noted, because there seems to be some confusion as to where I am located. I live in Laramie, Wyoming, USA. Not Down Under. I took the name from part of the B5 station. Down Below, where the Lurkers live, etc...

I would like to Thank JMS for creating a Great TV show, that has cause many many hours of Enjoyment and several hours of Frustration :), plus that many more hours of fun creating these pages and recordings sounds.

These pages are not assocaited with the Computer Science Department, Spatial Database and Visualization Center, or the Univeristy of Wyoming. This site is maintened by Jim Ward, but should not be confused with any acceptance of the Univeristy as taking responsiblity for these pages.

All sounds files contained within the Down Below Sound Archive For Babylon 5 are Copyright Sci-Fi, TNT, PTEN, Warner Brothers & Babylonian Productions, Inc. The work of creating many of the sound files and pages is by Jim Ward, but the above copyrights still hold. Inserting direct links to the individual files or file sections, WITHOUT permission from Jim Ward is prohibited. Links to the Main Page (index.html) itself is both encouraged and appreciated.

For Sound players for any platform (I hope), try the Free Sound and Music Software site.


  • Requests, Submissions, Corrections, and Suggestions are Always Welcome. I will respond to your e-mail, but it may take a couple of days, recently, 30 days..
  • Requests are no longer being aceppted. See why no more requests are to be taken page for reasons.
  • Submissions: Send them to my e-mail address, with a description of the file(s) you are sending. I'm able to receive large files. I should get back to you within 30 days about the file(s), whether they are posted or not.
  • To my knowledge, all files are recorded in 8-bit, 11khz, mono. (to save space), unless otherwise noted.
  • New Sounds files for new episodes are usually added within a week of the air date..
  • I record sounds that can be used for events sounds, are funny, or major plot points.
  • New Sounds to the archive are listed on the appropriate page and the new sound page (for about 30 days).
  • Files that become corrupted are REadded to the archive and again list on the new sound page (for about 30 days).